Arash,the Archer(Kamangir in Modern Persian)

Arash is a heroic archer of the Persian mythology. being celebrated by poets as Ferdowsi,the name Arash is one of the most popular in the Persian speaking world.

The legend of Arash the Archer is mentioned in the religious scriptures of Zoroastrians and shown striking similarities to the story of the legendary Indian hero Arjuna of the Hindu mythology,pointing toward a common origin of the two tales which could date back to the Indu-Iranian era 4000 BC.

At the end of war between Iran and Turan,Turan had advanced close to the Mount Damavand area.
Damavand in Iranian mythology is the very heart and centre of the Middle Clime where Iranian peoples reside. This Middle Clime or Iranzamin,incorporating far larger area than present Iran was reputed to have the best soil,most moderate weather and the greatest of peoples. However,to the east of Iranian plateau lay the vast expanses of the wintery Southern siberia where the Turanians lived and the story of early Iranian civilisations is that of survival against Turan.

The humiliation of conquest was to be complete with a Turanian proposal to limit Iran to the radius of an arrow's flight from the umbilical Damavand.
Iranian were to shoot an arrow towards Turan and WHEREVER the arrow landed , the new border between Iran and Turan would be drown. old man,volunteered to shoot the arrow.
On the bright morning of Tir, Arash faced north,strained his bow as never before,
let the arrow fiy and ,exhausted, became one with the arrow and DISAPPEARED.

The arrow flew the entire morning and fell at noon on the far bank of the Oxus River in what is now Central Asia. The Oxus River is the traditional boundary between the Iranian
world and outer central Asia or Turan.

Arash's body was never found.
There are still stories from travelers who lost in the mountains,hear Arash Kamangir's voice that helps them find their way and thus saves their lives.

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