A dialogue between grandpa (GP) and grandson (GS).

GP: Dearest Grandson, have you ever felt hatred to someone?
GS: Yes, Grandpa. I even wanted to squeeze the neck of that person whenever I met him.
GP: Oooh! Why so?
GS: He defamed me, mocked me, and always made me feel embarrassed in front of my friends.
GP: So, how did you feel?
GS: Hufh! I didn't feel good at all. My heart felt anxious and I could hardly sleep for many nights. My mind was distracted thinking about it.
GP: Mmmm, that's it. If you kept hatred to someone, that could lead you to a fatal consequence.
GS: What do you mean, Grandpa?

GP: You see! If you feel anxious and can hardly sleep, your immune will decrease and your body will be susceptible to any diseases.
GS: So, what should I do?
GP: You just wait for your death as you've already got illnesses. ^_^
GS: Hahh??! Don't scare me, Grandpa! Tell me the solution, please...! ;((

GP: Hahhahh....I was just kidding, my dear. Please don't take it to your heart. ^_^
Well, I suggest you not to hate the person, but their bad action. I believe that we can take a lesson from everything happened in this world.
GS: How could it be?
GP: Let's take an example. If you know well the pain of being mocked or defamed, then you will not do it to others. You will be careful of what you will say to others, if you're willing to think.
GS: I see.
GP: Free your heart from all hatred or envy to others. Do not feel superior than others so that you can be humble and will not easily get hurt. If you can do that, you will have a wonderful life.
GS: Alright, Sir!! :)

Wish you a wonderful day! ^_^

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Comment by Onee-chan on Monday

Hi Anum.

Many thanks for your precious time and comment. I'm glad you like it.

Have a good day! ^_^

Comment by anum on Sunday

Gem grandparents who have communication with their younger generations. thanks for sharing lovely advice  

Comment by Onee-chan on Saturday

Hi Fizzy and Lina,

I'm glad you found it precious. Many thanks and have a good weekend! ^_^

Comment by lina on Friday

What a nice discussion between Grandpa and his grandson!....what a nice precious advice!

Have a good weekend Onee :)))

Comment by Fizzy on Friday

a good advice Onee~chan.. 

have a good weekend ^^

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