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    Hello dear friends, as I am an active member of English Club (^_^), and prefer to post at least one blog per a year, and as the current year (2015) is about to be over, I decided to write this blog.    

    I always try to be a logical and reasonable person and usually after encountering to an event or phenomenon, I used to look for its reasons. I believe that all occurrences around us, can be proved and described using the physical logic and rules. As an example, I have no fear of any sounds which might be heard in anywhere of a house in anytime (*_^). Many persons believe that, this kinda sounds are created by spirits and they are afraid of them. I have faith in that every phenomenon, sensed by our bodies' sensors, has its own physical reasons. As a matter of fact we live in a three-dimensional physical space and deal with materials, and also our sensors (related to five senses containing eyes, ears, skin, ...), can only sense the physical events.

    For better clarifying the topic, I continue with an instance. All sounds (i.e. sonar mechanical waves) are created by physical movements. A movement needs mechanical force. The magnitude and direction of the movement is associated to the magnitude and direction of the resultant of mechanical applied forces respectively. Some sudden sounds are made by expansions and contractions of substances because of changing the temperature, some of them are made due to permanent vibration of air molecules, like the sound of striking two washed cups, in the kitchen cupboard, which can be caused by permanent vibration of the air, due to tremble of refrigerator or cooler motor. Thus a result can be concluded that the origin of all sounds around us are physical (physical reasons).

    The ambiguities arise from unknowns or in the other word, they are results of the physical rules which have not been discovered yet. This part is considered as Supernatural. I always have some physical reasons to prove or describe all the occurrences took places near me. BUT, but, but,,, the only and only event occurred to me in my life, which I could never describe that with physical rules, (O_o) is mentioned in the following.

    This adventure goes back to several years ago, when I was 8 or 9 years old. At an autumn evening, when I came back home from school, my uncle called and asked me to go to their house. In fact they (my uncle and his family) were our neighbor. When I went there, I saw some persons of our family and some neighbors had gathered there. They didn't tell me directly but I caught from their speech that in that night, my uncle had invited one of his friends who claimed to be able to summon the dead person's spirit !! and they wanted to summon my grandmother spirit. she (my grandma) was so nice lady and had died several years earlier. Firstly I must let you know that I'm completely disagreed with this action and recommend all not to dare that. But on that time I was just a child, and my uncle also wasn't aware about that.   

    No one of them believed that it might be possible. Anyway my uncle's friend came and after greeting, he spread a quadrilateral cardboard which was his tool in order to summon spirits (Hooooo, :D , don't scare dear reader). That plate was like the Ouija board (i.e. lettered board which allegedly spells out answers to questions through supernatural contact with spirits) which I have put its image here.

    But mentioned plate had some differences with the board seen in the picture. That plate, had about 50 circles. Diameter of the circles was the same as the diameter of the outer circular edge of a cup. In each circle a Persian letter had been written and after them, in some of circles a number and in remaining some words (in Persian) such as Yes, No, Hello, Bye, ... had been written. My uncle's friend, wanted a cup and put it upside down on the plate. After that he said: "Three children, come here and put their index finger on the bottom of cup without any force",,, that's why my uncle had wanted me to go there. My neighbor's girls (with the ages same as me) and I accepted that dangerous task :D . He read something slowly and after a few minutes said: "now she is here !!, you may ask her what you want !!" ,,, Then all the persons were waiting to see what would be happened.

    If I don't mistake, the first question they asked her was: "In which year you have died ?", that's because my uncle's friend didn't know that year and they wanted to test him firstly somehow. After asking, OMG, Unbelievably The cup moved under our fingers !! It moved to circles of numbers and for example, it slid respectively to 1, 9, 8, and at the end 5, which means 1985 and it was right !! While asking the questions and her replying, we children were laughing because we didn't understand what we did, and it was so funny for us, suddenly the cup was stopped. He told us: "Don't laugh, she may get sad and go", then we tried to control ourselves which was so hard :D . The other questions were asked one by one and the answers were reasonable.         

    See dear friends, sometimes you hear some supernatural stories, it is never comparable with when you see a supernatural event by your eyes and I saw it with my eyes. Anyway, the event was forgotten with the passage of time and it left many unanswered questions in my mind for ever. The main questions are: 1- Why was the cup moved ?? ,,, 2- Who was pushing or pulling the cup (the spirit of my grandma or my uncle's friend) ?? ,,, 3- Why must some persons put their index finger on the bottom of the cup ?? ,,, 4- Why those persons must be three children ?? , in fact these are not kidding, we must think about them. But I think the power supply of those movements were our (we three children) muscles and not else. because someone must put their fingers on the cup, and it didn't have any motion without putting fingers. So this result can be gotten that one of them, the spirit or my uncle's friend was influencing on one the parts of our brain related to the motor unit. I have many thing to say, but I don't wanna continue. I always recommend members to write short blogs, but here as you see...  :D

    At the end, I would like to thank you all for reading this boring blog. Now please if you have any idea about the mentioned event or if you have any experience, Share it with us.

Thank you all

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Comment by Onee-chan on January 11, 2016 at 2:38

Dear Mohammad,

Oh, I see. I write it "azan" or "adzan". :)) I need to digest your statements carefully in my leasure time, but I still failed for some. :D

Actually, I was confused why you told me that you're not afraid of jinn. I knew you're not. I've just read my comment again, "But she and her friend were not afraid, because they get used to it. I conclude that they will never show their presence before people who don't get used to it, both with sounds or motion." maybe you told me that because of this. Let me clear it, I mean ... people who do not get used to see jinn doesn't mean people who are afraid of jinn.

Ah, you're kidding me. How do you know I know Qur'an better than you. :)))

Now I know that you always smile even in your serious debate. So do I. Thank you for your nice reply. ^^

Comment by Mohammad on January 10, 2016 at 19:59

Dear Onee

   Don't mention it dear, why to be sorry, your comments are always welcome. Oh, you are right, lol means (^_^). Athan is the sound which you hear from mosques before praying (proclaiming that there is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is Allah prophet and so on).

   No, you and many of your friends are all completely healthy, and as I told, sensing some sounds in our ears sometimes is OK and don't worry about it.  

   About my question: "Do you like to know them ??" , the word "them" doesn't point to Jinn, but it points to "something" of the previous sentence. I wanted to say my beliefs which cause that I never have any fear of jinn. I'm sure you know Qur'an more better than me. 

   Dear Onee, did you read my comment carefully or not, tell me right !? :D ,,, I didn't say in your story you have mentioned that jinn can kill people, I just have mentioned this sentence in my points which cause that I never have any fear of jinn. 

Thank you so much for your second comment.

Comment by Onee-chan on January 10, 2016 at 1:31

Dear Mohammad,

I'm really sorry for my belated reply. :)))))

You're an active member, Mohammad. Didn't you see that I also put "lol" there... :))) I don't think you don't know what "lol" means..:)

What does "athan" mean? So, I and many of my friends are schizophrenia persons? They also heard that. lol.... To let you know, I also never be afraid of those things. So, that I was curious if the water was decreased.

Mohammad, I also know Qur'an....and I know a lot about jinn said in Qur'an. Satan is the characteristic of jinn that used to influence mankind. What a question! Otherwise, jinn is actually afraid of us mankind. How could they kill us? Thanks for asking. 

In my story, I never mentioned that jinn can kill people. Yes, they influence our life through our heart. Jinn also make people more scared of things. So, that they can drive human into fear of things. For further, it will made them into disbelief in the Only Power, ALLAH. Well, I said it was one story of my friend. But, actually, it's just an example and I have not only one friend who can see that. We don't need to say it is famous in the world. But, you, yourself admit that one can see jinn.

Thank your for your reply. :)

Comment by Mohammad on November 27, 2015 at 18:41

Dear Onee

   Firstly, let me say thanks for your nice comment and liking my blog.

   When I put laughing emoticon (^__^) at the end of my sentence, it means, that sentence is a kidding and you must infer inversely !!

   You say the active member should post one blog per month, but I say 1 or 2 blogs per week !! ,,,, surely I'm not an active member (^__^)

Got it !? again I put "laughing" at the end of my sentence, so what does it mean ? :D  

   OK, lets continue our discussion, see "sensing some sounds in our ear sometimes" is normal, don't worry about it. For instance I sometimes hear some songs or the sound of athan (اذان). But if it would be so much and always, it may be a mental disease. In the worse case, an schizophrenia person, not only hear but s/he may SEE somethings like a person or animal, which others cannot see them. In fact his/her mind crests those things and they are not real.  

But about the sweet topic of "Jinn". I believe somethings which causes that I never have any fear of jinn !!

Do you like to know them ?? 

1-  Jinns can see all of us on anytime, but we cannot see them. Somehow they overcome us. They can be invisible or visible like a human or animal or a substance. As you know, the famous satan is also a jinn, but what can he do to us!? ONLY WHISPERS INTO THE HEARTS OF MANKIND !! ,,,, So now, as they overcome us, what can we do !? ,,,, where can we run away !? ,,,, when they can see us but we cannot see them ,,,, when they can be near us, even they can whispers in our hearts ,,,, What can we really do?? ,,,, NOTHING!! ,,,, So we must not care !! ,,,, If Allah has created jinns and mankind with this status, he has considered that himself and he has known and knows better than us what he did, so take it easy.

2-  Is jinn jobless or doesn't have any work, and only he has been created to tease or disturb mankind !? ,,,, Has it been the goal of Allah behind creating them !? ,,,, Of course NO. Have you ever heard that jinn has killed anyone !?

3-  All events (which has occurred, occurs, and will occur in the universe), take place after Allah's will. Means no event occurs unless God wills, because Allah has designed and created (also is creating) the universe and all of things are under his rules. So why should I have fear !?

   See dear Onee, I think if the story about your friend was right, then it must occur for others too and it should become famous between all people (all around the world). But have you ever heard yourself from others such things !? ,,,, I think such thing like this could be an unreal story, or eye (or are) error, or it could be fiction or imagination. I don't want to deny that no one can see the jinns, but I wanna say that it is not so common like this. Please read my comments on the blog of "JINN" written by Rogue.


   About the last paragraph of your comment, I should say that if the cup moved by itself - means no finger had been put on the cup - it would be more and more interesting, wouldn't it ?? ,,,, so when some fingers must be put on the bottom of a cup, then they must do some works. I think the physical pushing to the cup was because of our fingers and something guide our brain to do that. I do agree with you about the probable interference of jinn in this occurrance.

Thank you  

Comment by Onee-chan on November 25, 2015 at 6:11

Dear Mohammad,

Firstly, let me say....If you're an active member, why did you decide to post at least only one blog per year? It should be one blog per month. lol As I know, your blog is always useful and worth to read. :)

I also believe that every event or phenomenon always has logical and physical reasons. Good explanation: "some sudden sounds are made by expansions and contractions of substances". Even without sound, the stress and strain of substances where jinn are living in another dimension could also have been detected. Once I thought that maybe there was a device to detect the movement/ existence of jinn. :D

Regarding sounds we heard, let me tell you this one. It's not once or twice, I ever heard the sounds of "someone" who was taking a bath at 01.00 a.m. When I looked at the bath room, there's no one even no sign of steps or sounds of opening the door. I believe that they/he/she was jinn. And I said to myself, well okay, "I will not disturb you".lol This really cannot be explained by logical thinking, can this? And I came up with one question.....does the water decrease...? :D

Regarding to motion, let me share the experience of my friend whom I trust.

She could see jinn. Not once or twice, she and her friend were in the laboratory, the fourth floor, at campus. At midnight, she played mp3 of Al-Qur'an, and guess what's happened! The mp3 player on laptop was suddenly off itself, she played again, and off again. Then, while they're sleeping (still being aware). That was so clear that jinn moved the chair here and there teasing them. But, she and her friend were not afraid, because they get used to it.

Then.....I conclude that they will never show their presence before people who don't get used to it, both with sounds or motion.

1- Why was the cup moved ?? ,,, 2- Who was pushing or pulling the cup (the spirit of my grandma or my uncle's friend) ?? ,,, 3- Why must some persons put their index finger on the bottom of the cup ?? ,,, 4- Why those persons must be three children ?? ------->>> Did you know all the answer that asked to shaman??

I think that was only the art of shamans to make it interesting and trust worthy.........................which there are always differences in every country, every place. While, they have the same way to use jinn, I think. I may assume that kids were used here because they're innocent. Based on my own assessment as yours :), jinn didn't make any motion straightly. BUT, they influenced the children's mind (cos they (children) were thinking it's fun). But to get the answer for the shaman were from the jinn, not from the device. WHY did they not move the cup themselves? As I told you before that they DO NOT or they CAN HARDLY show their presence to all human, but some.

Thanks for the nice topic, this is only based on my humble knowledge. Have a great time! :)

Comment by Mohammad on November 10, 2015 at 7:53

Behrad, I'm happy that you have liked my blog, may God bless you.

Comment by Mohammad on November 1, 2015 at 18:04

Dear Ann

    Ok, I do sympathize :) and as I have put "winking" emoticon, at the end of my question (in my former comment), it means don't take it seriously. Actually I knew that your country name is secret. :)  

    But about that table I think, that it must have a kind of motor which is hidden at a proper position under the table. It might have a finger-touch electronic circuit (i.e. an electronic circuit which is sensitive to touch and run a motor after touching) for starting, and a timer circuit for stopping. If it rotated with people mind, then people should be able to start and stop it with their mind as well (without any touching).  

    As a matter of fact I need someone to correct me and my English language is too lame to be able to correct your writings, but Ok, if I find any mistake, I will inform you.


Comment by ann on November 1, 2015 at 14:10
Yes, I'm sometimes (or usually :D) a strict person. And do you seriously think that your 4 questions are easy :P :D ? I think answering your 4 questions is harder than writing a book hehe.
My country is in South East Asia. And please let me not to mention its name. Hope you sympathize!
You know, I hope you will write longer blog because it is interesting to read. (I do want to write a long blog too but it is still hard for me writing in English.)

And I agree with you that people's mind may make the cup movement without touching. (In my idea children's minds may make the cup to move).
In my country they do have the table with the surface (I don't know which word is right) can rotate. People can go around touching the table, it rotates. But magically when they stop touching it still rotates for a very long time. They say that people's mind makes the table keeped rotating.
You know i'm not sure that the table is created in a special way (which keeps it rotating) or not.
It is still a mystery for me.

And if you find any mistake in my writing, please let me know. I really appreciate!
Comment by Mohammad on November 1, 2015 at 11:10

    Ohhh, see who is here; our strict teacher Ms. Ann !! , if my blog is long, I didn't want members to write a book ! :D , but I only ask you to answer the four easy questions at the end of the blog not else, and by the way, what is your country name !?  ;-)

    Dear Ann, thanks for your comments and compliment. It would be so wonderful, if the cup has moved by itself. See, summoner's tools are only a cup and a quadrilateral cardboardy sheet which is not complicated. Even in that seance, my uncle gave him a glassy cup and it wasn't his. So there wasn't any installed magnet or micro motor on the cup.

    Perhaps human's eyes do have some waves containing energy that can move the materials (if assumed that the summoner, himself does the movement) or maybe the summoner influences on people's mind to do the movement by themselves without any sensing or feeling. And at the end, I recommend you never try such actions like summoning.


Comment by ann on November 1, 2015 at 9:17
Btw, I usually hear about "theology". I think it may explain some supernatural situations. (in fact I have never learned this subject before but I think if you like you can try. For me I don't believe there is ghost but I do believe in theology. (I mean some supernatural thing that human can not explain yet).

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