A funny story about behavior


          There was an Office. Three friends were working together. The office was situated at eighth floor. First man always brought Idly in his lunch box. Second man Puttu and the third brought Chappathi.

          They were bored and irritated about the same food. The first man took a resolution. If my wife give the same tomorrow, I will fall down from this floor. So, the others also took the same resolution.

          The next day, first man opened the lunch box. Same idly. At once, he ran and fell down. Second man opened his lunch box. O! no the same puttu. He couldn’t tolerate. He ran and fell down.

          Third man also did the same. All were hospitalized. Their wives visited them. The first man’s wife said he told me yesterday about this. But I didn’t take it seriously. If I felt it true, I definitely changed the lunch.

          The second man’s wife said my husband is so humorous. I felt he was joking yesterday. Otherwise I might change the lunch.

          The third man’s wife said he only made batter for chappathi. He made chappathi for himself and why did he do so? I don’t understand.


Moral : We are blindly following others. The two died Ok. But why did the third man end his life? Is it necessary? Share your ideas.

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Comment by subbulakshmi on May 24, 2014 at 11:27

Thanks for comments all of you. I heard in my language. To enjoy like me I have posted it. Enjoy! Have fun! Think a little bit before doing anything!

Comment by M. Hakim on May 24, 2014 at 7:44

Thanks subbulakshmi. It is really funny. I don't know why they fell down! they could go First food shop. All the best.

Comment by RAMESH on May 24, 2014 at 6:17

variety of food is not a matter, so everyone have do good conversation its towards positively..third man hide to his friends how made lunch,

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