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Walking at least a hour per day, is essential to keep the health.. Well it's what I've heard. So I try to follow this suggestion.. more or less. ^_^

It was nice sunny winter day, good for one of such walk. They're building a new road around of town, or highway, or I don't know what it's called. It's for the transit to bypass the town.. To reduce traffic in downtown. I decided to set that construction areas northern end, that's closest to me, as my goal today. To go to see if they have already reached to nearby. :)

I took some photos on my way.

The snow catching net(the red-orange) thing at back. It's a nylon net sometime installed alongside roads to stop snow drifting to road. Here it's only a short segment.. But elsewhere I've seen some long long installations of it on fields along the road. When I was kid they sometime used wooden something things for that. Don't know what they were called in English. If I translated it verbatim from Estonian. It would be "snow ladder". Anyways, the mechanism was same, they were some wooden stripes of board installed with spaces to slow wind down or make the snow stop drifting... something.

The street at left is mostly for stupids, then is my pedestrians and bicycles road at middle for good people, and lastly the ski track at right for sillies.. Though I must confess, that I've never bicycled on this pedestrian-bicycle road at middle. When I'm with bike on this road, I've always chosen the wide street where that car is driving now. :P

The new "highway", they're almost here. U can see the excavator at back.. So not much digging for it.. soon it's here. The big greenish yellow sign says. "Tartu town's east-side bypass road's second building-area's designing and building".. Then there are listed the contacts of customer(orderer, or booker) and then, the contacts of contractors, and then the ones responsible of traffic something rerouting etc.. and then owners supervisors contact and lastly the beginning and finishing dates of the construction..

Well I hope they will make a good bicycle road on side of this new road. They will build also a new bridge over river "Emajõgi". I've been waiting that bridge already over ten years. Well I guess they're late. I needed that bridge 10 years ago. Now lately I'm somehow not so much interested to go to bicycle at south side of river.. I've found suitable cycle baths here in my side now. ^_^

A single snow man at side of ski tracks.. Waiting for some skiers to pass to cheer.. Sorry I'm not too fond of skiing. Don't have skis also. They're too expensive to buy them, when not really into it.. So can't make the snowman happy.  :)

But what do we have here?! It's skier! Now the snowman can cheer with his heart context!

And once more a skier closing the public... Well I did not hear the snowman cheering, but maybe this ski woman really were cheered to keep the pace? As for me. I did not yell go go go.. or smth like that... I only snatched  a photo secretly from behind, when she was already passed by. :P :)

Well.. From there, I was going back to home by a different road. I did take some more photos also there, but I can't post more.. It's the seven photos upload limit per a blog.. I have today already uploaded seven for here.. Maybe I added too many?

Well, there was like two, or tree more photos that I thought to post and build more.. story around them or smth.. but oh well. I think it's enough... Lets say so that I did reach safely back to home.. after about a hour of walk and little detour. :)


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Comment by Hardi on February 25, 2013 at 15:17

Thank you for your comments Fizzy and hekmatullah. ^_^

hekmatullah@ Yes It's true that exercising is important, but also overexercise is a threat for health. The addiction can there really play a bad joke for health.. It's important to not over exercise and rest too. Definitely should not go to run when sick.. Otherwise it will have opposite effect. :)

Comment by Fizzy on February 25, 2013 at 12:16

nice place.. looks kinda peaceful .. the road not busy with cars.. 

Comment by hekmatullah on February 25, 2013 at 11:31
Thanks for sharing such a useful issue, I hope all friends that they read this nice and beneficial blog they should place running in there daily schedule.
About myself i ganna tell you that in the past I playing TEAKWANDO, WUSHU but when I graduated from university and took job I left all the sport but I realized that day by day i am gaining weight, my doctor and some friend suggested me to start running after that I start that now according to Shanaz saying i am addicted to that.
Comment by Hardi on February 22, 2013 at 12:18

Thank you shanaz. You're right. Walking and running can be addictive.

I don't run too often. Just a time or few in a week or so. I started  running this winter. I hadn't run years.. No actually I hadn't previously ran at all. I had just  bicycled as exercise for some years. Therefore when I now tried it first time at December.. I could only ran a kilometer, and my legs hurt like hell afterwards.. Partially it was because of snow too, but.. mostly it's because I hadn't run.. Oh and I got know, that I need the special foot arch supporting soles/shoes..

Maybe the boots are a bit heavy for running, but.. well I'm not gonna buy winter running shoes and apparels yet... If I get myself into so much shape, that I can run 5 kilometers.. or 3 kilometers without need to catch the breath. Maybe then... Currently it's like I have to rest after easy two or four hundreds meters.. The heart beat goes too high. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on February 22, 2013 at 12:01

Thank you Junko. You're right it's long. I think it was more enjoyable for me to write it than it is for you to read. But that's fine to me. :D

Comment by shanaz on February 22, 2013 at 3:10

woooow It`s Great.I go to walking and running everyday ,early morning.and I can say that somehow I addicted to walking and running.it really make me fresh and make me fresh and happy and also make my day full of energy and great. I hope some day join you for walking.

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