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 by R H Elgohary on December 31, 2010 

2010 IS 10 hour more to go as a Qatar time , and will gone for ever what ever we get in this year even good or bad ,successful or faild ,piece or ware ,we are welcome the 2011 with hope to have better world economy and piece in politics and happienes for all people around the entire world .

 2010 was very hard for all business and none business companies and people ,there are many companies lost there business and stop working , and other face so many problem of paying back the worker salary or to keep the work moving because the banks stop send the money as the agreement ,and the banks also had the same problem so many people get too mach loons or credit and no one have enough money to pay the bank back.

 To know more about the reason why world economy had the most problem ever had since 1940 like what i read and hear , because there are many people lost thier jobs and other lost piece withen thier family and life and other lost thier power as  companies or managament .

Most of the people said the main problem coming or start from the US economy or US banks or US economic plans or from faild one of the power ful and world wide company ,that is because all the world companies look at the US as aleader and they felow all news and want to be part with US companies ,to feel safe and also to be in sector from any problem ,they belive that american sestem is so enteligent and he is belive me.and does not leave any thing by chance because US study the business very good ,and make the perfict rulles to keep the business keep moving, successfull, keeping growing from small idea to be the world wide company , so if any problem touch the main or the mother company in US naturlic all company around the world has something to do with this company will suffer from the same problem .

 I think i am traing to find out or to be close to give the idea how start and fall the economy in the all world in the last three year .and i hope ,praying to allah to be held and success and to grow great bussenss strong economic plan to have all people back to there jobs all companies are stop working to be back to business again with all there worker and safe so many family life..

2010 is almost gone for ever , i hope every one had adream in the last year to have it in the new years done, also to all my friend who had any kind of problem in the last year i wish them happy life with all success  ..




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