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      In my early days , I was protected from dangers in my mom own style which was intimidating me by monsters . They were their planted in my little mind and I believed in them .
      As a little child that can take risks to discover things , my mom monsters were their for me to keep me away from dangers, pursuing their job . They were in different sizes and shapes .
      One who dwells insides the well with his long lands , that will grab me if I approached and drown me down the water .
      The other will come in winter with the foggy , rainy and dim days . He will strangle me in silence , no one will notice my missing and I will be lost forever in the fogs . He surely kept me at home every winter .
      The ghoul that abduct little girls to eat them after feeding them lots of food , because she favoures fat girls only :)
     The big monky that will attack u from behind and eat u in the afternoons , if u step out .
            And those flying ghost at the sunset , who are ready to harm kids .
   To all my childhood monsters , u have accomplished ur duties , u have locked me in fear for years and I am free right now :D
My dear friends here tell about ur monsters stories from ur own culture . I want to know all about them :)

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Comment by bet on July 15, 2018 at 9:48

Well, now about my country tale! Hum...there were many witches/ghosts/monsters to scare us and to make us  to be careful!

First, my mom kept telling  we should not stay out at the time of sundown and after it, even not at mid-days because, 'Then bad spirits likes to move here and there. If they see any people specially kids they may do harm''. So, we were bound to stay at home during mid days and  get back home before sundowns!

Second, We heard a lot of scary stories about water monsters.  It is said, ''They live in the water, a bit deeper area. When anyone takes bath or swims alone it seems to be very dangerous. So, kids should not go into the water body, i, e, pond, stream, river alone. Sometimes when people/kids swim alone they tie a rope like thing in their one legs and drawn them!'' So, we never dare to take bath alone or swim into the deep!

Third, From sundown to before sunrise this period of time is very risky to go out. It is said, '' This time many kinds of spirits move here and there. Specially at mid-night and the rest of the time before sun rise, people should not go out alone, never!'' I think, it is a must follow thing because in the late nights every where people are less outside. If we omit the spirits, there are bad people, robbers and so on. So, it is better to stay at home, right?

Fourth, We also heard, '' A kind of ghosts do live on the trees! If kids specially during the silent  time, I mean at mid-days when they should be on the beds to get nape go to climb the tress then they can be caught by the ghosts!'' Once, my own brother  went to climb a tree alone such a time and fall down and got hurt, I heard my granny was telling him why and how he got fall down! So, after that to till now I do believe kids should not go climbing tress alone during silent time!

Fifth, When my brother and I did not want to eat food or drink milk properly my mother used to tell us, '' See, if you do not finish your meal and milk two long hands will appear soon to grab you both...so finish it right now!'' And, you know how it worked out...lol

Comment by bet on July 15, 2018 at 8:25

Oh...what an idea.....but let me read others first then I will write mine! lol....Really, rose, I just needed such a thing to read to feel good, thanks!

Comment by Rosemary :) on July 13, 2018 at 3:58

  Thanks Janeth  for sharing  the story of " La IIorana " with us it's  really interesting.  I think there are many symbols behind  her story  ....

Comment by Janeth on July 12, 2018 at 21:35

La llorona (the weeping woman) is a spooky female spirit in Latin American culture.

There are many versions of the "La llorona", but the most common tale involves a woman called María. She drowned her children, so she could be with the man she loved. But that man rejected her and the woman killed herself.  Because of that the legend says that she has been forced to wander the Earth.

She makes horrible and loud weeping sounds while she is searching for her murdered children.

The legend of the "La llorona" is often told as a cautionary tale to Latin American children and men who stay late at night drinking.

The picture is scary...

Comment by Rosemary :) on July 12, 2018 at 8:45

  Hi  :) I have really enjoyed  reading about all these multi national  monsters  @ Roman  u have written  a wonderful comment , I think Babay  :D live in 2 countries  @ Tam I liked the monster making pranks  thoughts  @ Estanis  :) I have opened the link and saw ur hairy funny monster  . @ Mishaikh  and @ Janeth   :) thank u both for ur wonderful  comments   . I have really enjoyed  reading  all about monsters :) 

Comment by Roman on July 11, 2018 at 18:13

But about me, my parents used to scare me by another Ukrainian mythological creature "Babay".

I don't know, who it is and how it looks like (and I guess nobody knows).

But what I know is that Babay is a bad creature that can suddenly appear at any place, like: behind the entrance door at night, inside an old barn, inside a well, a little bit deeper than surface of the lake and a little bit further than 10-20 meters away from the lake shore, inside the forest at night and so on :D

So, I guess, that monster "who dwells insides the well with his long lands , that will grab me if I approached and drown me down the water ." can be Babay :D

Comment by Roman on July 11, 2018 at 18:03

Hi Rosemary! :)

There are many weird creatures in Ukrainian culture. Some of them I have already described in my comments on different blogs and discussions.

One of the most famous and scary creature of Ukrainian mythology is:

Viy "Вій" 

It is a monster, described by a very famous Ukrainian-Russian writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol in his book "Evenings on a Farm Near Dekanka"

Viy is not able to open his big eyes with the extraordinarily long eyelids by himself. That's why, he needs two strong monsters, which help him to open his eyes. And when his eyes are opened, nobody can survive his deadly look. 

There are some thoughts that people created that myth of Viy, to emphasize the bad/spoiling effect of human envy.

Comment by Janeth on July 11, 2018 at 17:47

It is a nice story Rosemary! So you spent all your childhood with those monsters! At least they helped you to stay away from mischiefs.  That was a good thing.

When I was a child I was scared of darkness.  If I saw a scary movie that feeling was even worse. If you are frightened, you can image many things: ghosts, monsters, bats, any kind of awful animals, etc.

Comment by Tam on July 11, 2018 at 14:01

Hi,  Mishaikh. I have never seen them before, but some people say that they have seen them.

Comment by Estanis on July 11, 2018 at 13:50

Your mum knew well how to deal with you hehe... wise mother :)

I remember Casimiro; he told us childs to go to bed and all stuffs to be done before it...  https://youtu.be/h4mN26hG9sE

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