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Oh man, oh man. I've got a fever. I woke today because shivering cold and sweating. I realized quickly. It's a fever. I have had some fever already tree days. 37.3 at Saturday evening, 37.5 at Sunday, 37.8 for Monday. And today I woke with 37.8. I somehow went to kitchen while shaking all over body to get some watter to swallow a pill of paracetamol.. After that it went up to 38.3.. but went back to 37.8 again.. Well it have stayed at around 37.7 to 37.9 the whole day.. At least the paracetamol takes the annoying pain away from body. Actually I don't feel so bad thanks to that.

Weird fever. I don't have blocked nose, nor throat pain.. just fever and pain from fever, that paracetamol took away..

Well actually my dad had last week a fever too, but he had it only something like 2 or three days. And he thought, that it was because he had 2 big tooths pulled out from back of his mouth. First he had one decayed tooth pulled out. And then other started to hurt.. and since repairing it would have cost too much. He let also that one to be pulled out.. So maybe he had the fever because the tooth thing. But I still hope it was same thing as I have now. Because then I can hope it gets sameway over also to me too..

Or maybe it's because bad karma? Like I'm just so bad person... Nah, it can't be. There are much worse people than me, and they are fine.. I think... Damn, I suppose I have to go back to bed. It's 38.3 again it seems.. well it's evening already too...

Good that today at last was not so many new anime released.

I hate this. It's the people with good health, that cause this. They don't feel sick and then they go around and spread own stupid sickness while sick, to good people like me. When people are too healthy they become too bad. First they get rich. Then they go to travel and pick up all kind of sicknesses to spread to good people.. Such monsters.

Perhaps we need a law, against healthy people. To punish them, somehow. Hahaha.. Doe's it look like I am making my karma worse, by saying such things? But you know... wishing good things is worse. If you're good to people, you run out of goodness and happiness... like in few minutes. People will absorb all your kindness and then, after that you're able to be only evil. Yhen You can only become Dr.Evil and conquer the world..

LOL I hope I'm wrong. ;)


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Comment by Hardi on April 22, 2012 at 12:03

Thank you for the comments. Sandeep and anele.

Anele. I don't know about antibiotics. I think, that when have had a fever, for 3 days. Then it's necessary to go to clinic/hospital. They make a blood analysis to decide, whether you need antibiotic, or not. But in case, when you can't go to hospital, or clinic where they can make blood analysis. Doctors might describe antibiotic for just in case. But that just in case, is not so good, because antibiotic only works against bacterial, or fungus infections.. I think. If there's only virus, the antibiotics actually are bad. They weaken immune-system and healing might actually take longer then.. And taking antibiotic, may produce some bacteria transforming resistant to it.. So doctors try to avoid it.

Well, in my case. Doctor said: The blood test doesn't show any bacterial, nor viral infection. And then when I asked, what it is. She said: "Some common virus... It's this season of year..."  What? Didn't she say that the blood test didn't show any viral infection????? Well, I did not ask anything more. Didn't want to look too stupid. Nor waste her time. I suppose the blood testing device only check some certain markers of antibodies in blood, but for each virus the antibodies are different.. so maybe, their automatic lab can't diagnose everything.. I suppose that, these computerized labs, that they have, are only able to tell, when it knows exactly what it's looking for.. And since doctor doesn't know... well I don't know.

Anyways. She recommend to take 400mg Ibuprofen 3 time per day, after meal. For 3 to 4 days. And if the fever remains present. Then to go to see her again. I took them something 2 days and now the fever seems to be gone.

Well in reality, there's actually better not to take any medicine at all. But just drink a lot of water with fever and etc... Because fever should be actually good for healing.. It should heal quicker, but fever is uncomfortable. Can't sit behind computer with fever. So have to take some medicine to feel better. :P

Comment by Sandeep on April 22, 2012 at 9:51

Well, I play computer games during fever and taking medicine very rare until doctor declares its symptoms of  malaria. ^.^

I like it the way you present your fever... running and thinking in this uneasiness, LOL! :) 

Comment by Hardi on April 19, 2012 at 13:26

Thank you viviana. Today, I feel better.. Not so much fever anymore. I visited also polyclinic. The blood analysis was okay. And doctor suggested, that it's probably just some common virus that are in work at this season. So the karma should now be preserved. ^_^

Comment by viviana on April 18, 2012 at 22:11
Fever and sense of humor preserved: that can't be too bad
Thogh, if fever persist, it's better to see a dr.,this way karma may be preseved.

Thanks for good writing
Comment by Hardi on April 18, 2012 at 8:01


I hope, u are right. But please be careful. I don't mind you becoming evil after running out of kindness, but if you become the follower of Dr. evil. The ones who would suffer most, would be the closest ones to you. That's not what I would want. :)


Thanks for the good wishes. Fortunately, we don't have dengue in my country. But there are many viruses and things that can cause this. I too hope, that it's nothing serious. ^_^

There's 'A hepatitis' been spreading in nearby town.. and they haven't been able to identify the source.. Although the first case was already a year ago.. so it's not hepatitis off-break.. but still. I'm worried. Since it might have similar  symptoms. High fever, pain in joints.. little muscle pain.. I suppose I have to observe my eye whites, if they start to turn yellow, then I need to go to doctor. ^_^


Thank you for the advices. ^_^

PS. It seems like today I have less fever than yesterday. So I hope it's getting better.

Comment by Kaoru on April 18, 2012 at 4:32

A good way to reduce a fever

1 Get as much liquid as you can. Maybe sports drink is better.

2 Sweat a lot in your sleep

3 Change your pajamas

4 Shout this; "Look, I'm Dr. Evil, the man who will conque the world!"

5 Repeat the cycle 1 to 4

Don't skip No4! That's the most important part! ^_^


Comment by Fizzy on April 18, 2012 at 1:22

Hi Hardi,

Hope you'll getting better soon and in my country if you have that kind of fever with no flu nor sore throat or coughing and your fever will getting more higher that near to 38.++; you will need do a blood test because it might be dengue.  

your fever probably from the last winter virus whom might take revenge at you (^_^)?

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