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07-08-2012-Rainy-Day: Cleaning.

I hate cleaning! But what can I do. I have to do it time to time. I wanted to go to bicycling, but It was raining too much. Well, what else u can expect from those weather bureau forecasters. They are all in Tallinn. I think we only have  some automatic weather stations here in my town. That the evil weather forecasters from capital only use to forecast wrong, or bad weather to us.. From safe distance. :P

Anyways, I couldn't escape from cleaning to bicycling, because of this rain rain. So I escaped to here to write the blog. Man I have been cleaning already 3 days, But Have got only 3/4 of my room done. Well one very difficult things is to get rid the old electronics... computer parts. I should throw it all out. Even those that are still working well. I don't need them... Well but it's hard, how to you throw away, something that's still working. It's not environment friendly. And then, thinking how much money I have paid for all this garbage.. Yeah... I curse all these stupid computer manufacturers. I wish all the worst and most horrible luck to them!

Well, I've been reducing this dump of mine by time to time. Like demolishing things, and bring out what can. It's easy with the metal components.. If it's well separated from other things, and leaved out to street, beside of garbage pin. It will disappear quickly. A-socials will take it to scrap yard and exchange to money. :P But rest of these computer parts.. the electronic stuff, I'm supposed to bring to some special station that collects such stuff. Hell, how annoying! The worst is that I have a lot of still working fine things.... Hahaha. Actually I'm a junk collector, yeah seriously. I'm worried about my future, I had there a collection of totally useless garbage, that I had kept for any-case.. Maybe I need it someday. :P I threw them away now.. Because the reality is that 99 percentage of all that shit, I never need and the rest 1 percent, I would either not remember that I have or would not find it from the pile. :P Well actually was not so bad yet. But it could get if I leave it be. lol

But seriously, I want to get free of useless electronic... Computer parts. Is there some easy way for it? I wonder, if I break it into very small particles. Then it's okay to mix it inside of regular hose-hold-garbage. No one will get know. After all, there's no guarantee that it won't harass environment. If I bring it to special location, like I'm supposed to. Maybe they recycle them in some so bad way there too..Maybe they want to get only valuable stuff out from it, and for that they recycle it some horrible way... :P

Well seems the weather cleaned up a bit. ^_^

I guess I'll put all this junk back to where it was and leave it, be.. At least I achieved this much that I cleaned some dust out from all the junk...

I hate cleaning... I wonder why it is that I'm lazy to throw things out as soon as I'm done with them. Like empty packagings, or smth. Why do I throw it in the top of pile, instead of bringing out.


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Comment by Hardi on August 13, 2012 at 20:03

Thank you, Rosenmaiden. ^_^

Also Fumi. ^_^ Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment. I'm happy to hear, that you hate cleaning too. :P

Comment by Rosenmaiden on August 13, 2012 at 16:44

Hardi! Great blog! Super! Only a real writer can create an essay from a mixture of bad weather and household garbage! :-) I smile but am serious!

Comment by Fumi on August 10, 2012 at 17:40

You tell so much from my heart too!! I hate cleaning too!!

Comment by Hardi on August 10, 2012 at 16:38

Yes, actually I decided to throw more things away, in order to become younger. I don't like to get older, so I try to eliminate things that could be related with old age. :P

Well, some young people trow things away too easily. That's also not good. I have to try to be in sane and reasonable side. ^_^

Comment by Expector Smith on August 10, 2012 at 13:49

It seems that some old people don't like to throw things away, even though the things are obviously useless.

Comment by Hardi on August 7, 2012 at 15:44

I don't have big house. It's just that I don't like cleaning, so I do it in slow pace. ^_^

And well, since I clean rarely it takes more time there's a layer of dust on each thing. So wiping dust from pieces take a lot of time.

Yesterday evening I had muscle-pain in all such muscles where I never have had it. All because was doing something so unusual and unnatural for me.

I wonder if I old CD disks could be used for something creative? And useful.. I found a whole box of now useless cd-s from my junk. .....Actually I'm a bit resistant of using them. Since I'm afraid they might contain something hazardous. Well at least the cd-r disks may contain... I think. If i break it the some kind of whatever toxic stuff may get out between layers.. Maybe. :P

Usually it's so that when you throw something out, then next day you're sorry you did, because u need it. :P

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