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           #2 Prom!se if my eyes forget its mist of tears.

  It was an Intermediate second year Chemistry exam. This is the academic exam and feels very comfortable if we write the exam. It takes half an hour journey on the bus to reach my village and it is also my examination centre. Along with me, 8 members were started. There is a very great joy on all the faces as it was the only last exam we were going to take. All were thinking what would we do after taking an exam, Some says " go for a new movie" and another says “ A good restaurant to have a grand and delicious lunch” and rest says “ Rock gardens”, like that some discussions, jokes and some cat whistles and we were crazy by shouting with great enthusiasm and full of energy.

                          Srinu got into the bus in the next bus stop, his eyes were eagerly searching for me as soon as he entered into the bus, the pleasant smile would be dancing on his face when I appeared to him.

                 If I don’t appear? Let me check for it. I just hide back of my friend. Srinu was my college mate, he was a good guy and talks politely with girls too. Those things attract me and forget my world. He sees me every day and tells his eyes he likes me. Today I want to play a drama and was kidding with him. The Bus reached my village and I had to get off, he was searching for me, his sight was glancing all the bus, suddenly his face became blue(sad). Then I appeared to him, he laughed that he was like the first rank student in the final exams. He wore a new dress and he was so handsome, I gave a compliment to his dress with eyes and he was so excited, I didn't know how many times we see each other during the bus journey, I reached my village and he came  and said all the best for the exams and he used to wish me luck for each and every exam.  I also wished him.


                   I wave back to him, he said he needed to talk to me as it is the last exam day. I knew he was going to propose me. I felt like I was sensing to his heartbeat. The exam was finished and we took it well. Friends were leaving for something as they decided for trip or movies or restaurants as they wish. I escaped that I told my friends that I couldn't join them as I've some work. Srinu also escaped from the trip the same way, we both came to the bus stop, he was trying to say something new, I could clearly see there was a paper with him other than exam hall ticket and I felt it is a proposal letter, I wanted to play a drama with him and  he patiently tried to say five times. My heart was flying in the cool breeze and I was in cloud nine, suddenly bus came and the people were so rush into bus and he stood next to me and there was a heavy crowd and people were bumping with each other in a hurry.

                          My entire beautiful world is twisted black and inverted in a heartbeat. I was about to know what has happened exactly and I fell down on the ground unknowingly, my eyes were falling, he was crying a lot and I was getting that his heart was sobbing of me, I vividly saw his red and misty eyes. Within a short time, everything became black. When I opened my eyes I got to know that my legs were amputated as my legs were badly injured. Pedestrians said bus goes on her(my) foot. The doctors said If I would alive my legs should be cut off, my heart is broken while my mother was explaining with tears constantly, my mind, heart, and soul was always thinking of his crying. Next he attended me so many times but I started avoiding him crucially often and he patiently accepts my hate and coming to hospital with no number(unlimited), I told him directly don't come to hospital and I  slowly acted like avoiding or showing some fake angry with him, in spite of all my bad treatment towards him, he didn't feel any angry and he turned more and more patiently towards me though I was showing him kind of hell. I just acted like that to change his heart on me.

                      After  I discharged from hospital he keeps going there(hospital) and asking doctors to give my address and they  didn't say because I told my family not to give him any address or clue and he was keeping tried to get my new address and he came to my home often to see me and I denied him and he wanted to see my face and I closed the windows even, he used to stay a long time at the home and my brothers and others shout and scold him for some reasons, he still didn't change. Next, we changed to a new home.

Next month, My friend came to see me and I asked about Srinu,

 she said
 " Sorry…!! Now, I don't know whereabouts of him exactly right, but a few weeks ago, he phoned and asked about you and I didn't say any as I don't know your new home address, At present he was not seen by anyone, other day, he came to your old home usually to see you but you closed windows and he stayed there for a long time and then your brother and other relatives hit him and finally he was not to be seen. His parents and family were still searching for him and nobody found him on that day and he went and didn't come back yet. There is no remedy for his mother’s pain for her son, she was seeing his son in everywhere”.


                            By then, My heart is broken, broken and still have been breaking, I have been crying for my blunder very much, Srinu I avoided you for the sake of your good life, you are my everything, you see me as an angel but what I shall I give you? You may not happy with this patient(me), there is no excuse for my wrong decision and I beg you please you go to your home wherever you are. Maybe God has written my fate very bad. You are one in the million to my heart and you did many to my heart but in return, I gave you much pain that you don't deserve, you have such a very good heart to care me all positively. I miss you very very much, Please go to your home.


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Comment by Shekhar 5 hours ago

Thank for Arif. Nice comment. 

Comment by Shekhar 5 hours ago

Thanks for commenting one Chan. 

I would like to give happy ending but this is life I meant, real story. Yes it is touchy and that's why I kept " Clouds of the heart" the same series will come but at the end unexpected twist is the mystery. I can't help about it. 

I will try my best. 

Comment by arif 8 hours ago

a good piece of writing!  

Comment by Onee-chan 11 hours ago


Please tell us the happy end of the story. :((

This is so touchy. Keep writing!

Comment by Shekhar on Thursday


Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for your compliments.

Yes, you are right, story is so touchy and when I first read I can't stop tears at the end of story. It is not my own creation but I read and added some content to boy and girl and their feelings.

To be say Frank, it is someone's real story indeed. Some lives have unending twists and loads and never have happy ending, I dedicate this blog to who has these hardships (difficulties).

Yes, I would like to some but I'm not good at English and still feeling shy and trying my best when I have nice situation. 

Whether it is a boy or girl, but feelings are same. And sometimes feelings can't put them in words. 

I was thinking about the story, he would accept her however she is, she is the eye opener to him. Even she hated him at the hospital but he can read her heart, cause it is magic of " Adareih"

Comment by SunshinE on Wednesday

Comment by SunshinE on Wednesday

I really feel very sad My eyes are getting wet ,
when im reading your blog...shekar
: It's a very sad story
I think you're a boy
But this is about the girl
Whoever wrote, but is very attractive

I'm sorry about her fate
But she will be happy
God will protect her...
Whatever This is a very interesting story..u r a good writer... keep it up

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