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•°● The Most Misleading Word ●°•

     I think it is " happiness " according to my own personal view point . I have been mislead through this word a lot . First , I should blame school and the whole educational system for the great gap between what's there in school books and what's there outside of the classrooms . I have studied some kind of stereotype characters with fixed smiles here and there . Characters who do things perfectly as they are according to the manuals . Without making any kind of even a slight or a minor mistake   .         

     People who walk straightforward all the time and a punch of big lies that destroyed our realization to the whole world around us . We used to copy sentences like " if you work hard , you will succeed " While the matter isn't about working hard to the degree of exhaustion . It is about doing things skillfully rather than doing them hard . Hard isn't the way for achieving our dream . As these ideas are nailed into our brains , I started doing things hard to feel " happiness " but I didn't get any good results especially in dealing with others .
      We need to detoxify our minds out of many thoughts . One of which is that about happiness . Because happiness in created inside of us first . We can't be happy just for being close to certain people , buying things as the media say it over and over .
We can enjoy the moments of satisfaction and know they aren't there forever , Try to fight bad ideas , do what we can afford to do .
Instead of , talking about happiness as a generalization . We should take it as a personal style , a finger print that differs from one person to another . Our own numbers of spoon of sugar in our cups . The amount of salt that we used to add in our meal , which , are personal things at the end of the day .
       I used to share my love and passion for reading with my classmates , and there were only cold impression toward my information . At the age 14 I didn't know what dose it mean to be different . I thought that what excited me should excit others . My friends led me to shut my mouth for ever , when it comes to books and drowned me into a deep sense of loneliness . Later , I learned that nothing was wrong with me or them . It is just a case of interests. However , I did meet many book warms like me at college . Things that ignite our souls are there no matter when or where . They'll pop at our faces someday .

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Comment by Roman on Tuesday

Hi, Rosemary! 

Nobody knows how to live this life. And even if somebody knows, he or she or it can't teach it people how to do that. And there is always a chance that something will go wrong... or right.

Sometimes when I wonder about people's tastes, I imagine, that there might be about 1 000 000 people around the world, that hate me just because of my appearance, 1000 of which hate me only because of my face. Well, they've never seen me, but I am sure, they would say after seeing me "What an ugly man, I would pay you, for the sake of not seeing your face anymore!"

And about 1 000 000 people that like me just because of my appearance, 1000 of which love me only because of my face ;)

And the most exciting thing about this situation is that about half of them would change their opinions vice versa after meeting me and getting to know me better.

Comment by Mishaikh on April 15, 2019 at 13:25

Yes, it is true.  Just as people differ in their temperament, the source of pleasure is also not the same for everyone.  When frequencies are alike, it gives double pleasure, otherwise should seek out pleasure within self. 

In the beginning I sued to go to watch movies along-with friends.  Naturally, it is not necessary that everyone of the group would like the movie, so they start to talk or even hoot, during the movie creating problem for others.  I mostly watch English Movies just to learn the language, so I even enjoyed the classical movies too.  So I decided to go to cinema alone.  Only here in USA I use to go to the movies with family.

So the source of the pleasure is not same for everyone.

Comment by Rosemary :) on April 14, 2019 at 11:29

   Hi , dear Onee-chan  :) 

  Thanks for showing your point of view toward my topic  . You are right about what you have said  . But usually I am depicting my own personal experiences  in my blogs , which , aren't general  facts  . Thanks for the second time and have a nice day :)

Comment by Onee-chan on April 14, 2019 at 8:46

Dear Rosemary,

I'd like to change the sayings... 

"If you hard work and enjoy it, you will succeed." No matter how we work hard, if we don't enjoy it, we will only feel losing. So, I agree that what makes us happy doesn't depend on what other's say, but it depend on what we are interested in.

Thank you for writing. I choose to be happy, too. ^^

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