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    In many societies and cultures around the world , the elder kids carry a lot of responsibility with their parents . They grow up quickly as it their destiny to go through all kinds of suffering and struggle to provide for their young siblings and parents , depriving themselves from living their childhood or presuing their own personal aims or dreams .
Have you ever met a 10 years girls who act like a mother ? A 20 year who work hard for his family , in an act of complete self denial 

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Comment by Rosemary :) on Tuesday

   Hi , Glosky  

  Your sister  is an angel  a woman from heaven  . Many like her must be reciprocate but  their good nature  refuse to have a pay back for their great favors  . Thanks for sharing  her story here with us . May God bless both of you . Have a nice day as well :)

Comment by Glosky on April 16, 2019 at 5:17

Yes. I already met this kind of person..and she is my eldest sister. I was teary-eyed while reading this, because i can relate so much. I really love my sister because she act as a father and mother to us when my parents does not have the capability to support us all.  I called it Self-sacrifice. She gave her all just to have her siblings have a comfortable life. As I cannot return all the love that she's done and showed to me, all I could do is to protect and care for her until the end. Thanks for sharing this. :D  Have a nice day.

Comment by Mishaikh on April 15, 2019 at 13:41

Yes, life is full of these examples.  I have observed such people.  Complete self-denial, but I never find it justified....................sacrifice, may be, but not justified, especially in case of females acting so in presence of brothers.

Comment by Rosemary :) on April 9, 2019 at 16:35

    Yes  , it's a contradictory  isuess  as you have mentioned  and it is all about the need for money and for help  . Thanks for sharing  your view point toward the topic dear Rose   :) 

Comment by Rose Iris on April 9, 2019 at 16:21

In some societies, people often have no choice. There is a contradiction between the ability to afford children and the urgent need for children.

On the one hand, people out of poverty can not afford children, on the other hand, it is very important for the livelihood to have many children.
This is important for their living, because many hands earn money, even if they only get a little money for their work.

Actually, children should not work at all, but the fact that many countries and societies have no social benefits or pension systems for people forces parents to have many children because who else will take care of their parents when they get sick or old?

That's why many children around the world need to work even at a young age. Also if they take over their parent's duties to their younger siblings and the household, it's work (as long as the children don't only help).

This system is like a loop that always starts running with a new generation. It doesn't stop as long as the circumstances don't change.

Comment by Rosemary :) on April 6, 2019 at 11:38

   Dear Onee-chan  , 

I admire alot what you have done  , it's great and it isnt an easy job to hold a baby at the age of 8  . You were and still wonderful  :) 

Comment by Onee-chan on April 6, 2019 at 0:37

Dear Rosemary,

I held a baby when I was eight. It was my little brother. Some people say that's why I'm not that tall now. lol No, it was not fully like a mother.

I admire kids who act like mother. They commonly grew up faster.

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