Writing Challenge: How I Describe "Darkness"

One day, I opened my eyes and was surprised, even shocked. How could everything be so dark, total black, the darkest black, without color, not even a single dot of light. I tried to sit on my bed. My heart was full of anxiety and confusion.... "I still can't believe this. Am I blind now?". My two hands were shivering and still holding the blanket. I was sure that that was not a dream.

"Nooo!! Is this a warning? Or is this a punishment? What is a big fault that I have ever done? This is really uncomfortable! Noo...! I want to be able to see the world like yesterday. I want to see colors. I want to see greenery. I want to see the blue sky. I want to see the water flow. I want to see how handsome .......... I want to see the beauty of the world", I was looking for a glimmer of light, but failed.

"Now I know how the blinds feel. It's really scary...! They can't see anything! How could they survive in this world? I have never imagined that I would be ...... I cannot see the lights. Darkness will make me hard to survive. How would I walk, how would I eat, how would I dress, how would I survive without reading and write??" I almost cried, but something motivated me that everything happens for a reason.

I got out of my bed, took some steps toward the door of my room, and open it .......

It was at 4 a.m., and there was a power blackout. I then saw the glimmer of light in the distance. ^^ I felt so grateful that there was nothing worse happened. It was a scarily unforgettable moment. Since then, I appreciate more everything that I have. I promise to myself that I will keep them well.

This is a real story of me. ^^

Thank you very much for reading. "Have a wonderful day!" ^_^

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Comment by Rose Iris on February 14, 2019 at 20:59

Hi, dear Onee-chan. An interesting story. You are a happy one because you only feared blindness. It was not true, just a fear.

Do you know?
I have a nephew who is blind.
No one of us can imagine what it means to be blind.
My Nephew grew up with his parents (my youngest sister and her husband), and a sister. His mom, dad, sister, and all of our family always treated him as if he had no disability.
Always when he needed a helping hand, he got it.
That was the best we all could do because only so he became a self-confident and independent 32-year young man. He has an apartment and does his housework. He also rides a bike...please, don't ask me how he can find the way..., he travels, and doesn't hesitate to ask someone to help him if he has to change at the train station...just to tell you an example.
Once, I asked him what he would do if he had the opportunity to see with his eyes, because of new inventions.
I was surprised by his answer. I had expected he would say he would take the chance. But he told me, he is used to the blindness, he doesn't know what seeing means. His other senses are stronger and more pronounced than the senses of people who can see. He wasn't sure whether it's good to see everything. Sometimes, he hears people saying they would like to close their eyes not to see the bad things that happen around the world. He said he wouldn't take this risk.

Comment by Mishaikh on February 13, 2019 at 15:19

Just as WHITE (LIGHT) is considered the combination of spectrum.  In the same way DARKNESS means the ABSENCE OF COLORS (light).  The main source of light is our SUN. 

Describing a time of day as "complete darkness occurs when the SUN is more than 18° below the HORIZON, without the effects of dim light (twilight) on the sky in the night.

Comment by Mishaikh on February 13, 2019 at 15:12

Very well described, but even can further be described. Good work Onee.

Comment by Mishaikh on February 13, 2019 at 15:08

One day I opened my eyes (two is not necessary here).

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