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Often I Wonder If Only English Could Talk!

Hello, folks! This is English. Yes, I thought of sharing my thoughts with you. I want to talk to you and remove all the inhibitions that you have. For all my students this is what I have in store for you.

Here we are going to look what English subject is all for you. What can be done to make English home assignment task a pleasurable one?

English at school level differs that from the college level. At the school level, your basic part of English is dealt and learned with like phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics etc. What comes after the school level is a surprise! There is a lot in store to learn at every level. There are degrees held for English and Literature particularly. So it's got to be tough.

What's in store for you in degree levels? Surprise …surprise

It is that stage of learning where you are more into creative and analytical thinking. The students at this level are expected to read books, analyze the writing style, critiquing paragraphs and poems, language skills and much more. This is why the kind of English home assignments you get are also essay based.

A lot more is incorporated with literary criticism and literary theory based questions. You will find assignments from all the genres of literary. It could be the composition based on folklore or cultural, critical writing or simply book review. I mean it could be anything. The best part of English language is it does not have any boundary. You don't have to stick to 2 X 1=2. Trust me on this, once you start liking the subject you ought to fall in love with it.

Let us have a look at the dilemma you are into for English assignments!

Yes, questions like which topic to choose, how to choose, why to choose, how to go about it etc. go in your mind. And it should be a matter of concern.

There are some students who, though are able to understand the various topics but are not able to express their knowledge in English. So it is always better to get in touch my homework help. They have a set of reputed #tutors who will provide you with the necessary English assignment help.

After all, your grades depend on it. You are also aware that you have very little time to devote for assignments. There is much to do apart from academics, homework, and examinations. The extra-curricular activities will help you on your overall personality grooming. So what's the plan? Well simply follow the steps-

  • Selection of the topic-

If given a choice, choose the topic of your interest. There are two reasons to do so. Firstly it will enhance your knowledge while doing so. Secondly, easier to get the matter to work on it.

  • How to go about it-

These days’ students are lucky that there is a huge scope for a helping hand for them. Thanks to the online homework help portals. They have made life simpler for pupils. Therefore all you do is go to your search engines and look for a reliable online homework help service providers. Submit your topic of assignment to the site after registering yourself and paying a nominal fee. Let them know what you would like to have in it, you’re writing style and they do it splendidly well for you.

  • The right choice-

It is imperative to know if you have taken the right choice of handing over your work to a team of professionals. First things first. Most of the sites are registered sites and are linked to each other. So to check if the site is genuine simply enter the name of the site on a search engine. It will show how you are linked with other sites in a similar genre. That's how you know is reliable.

English is simple and homework assignments even simpler….if only English could talk.

Do let us know what you feel about this article. Send in your reviews and comments.

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Comment by Scot Albert on July 7, 2018 at 0:28


Welcome to My English Club!

That is quite an article of introduction.

It is very detailed and in depth.

Have an awesome weekend!



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