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Are You Real?

We stand up on the same earth. Feel the same atmosphere. Inhale the same air. Taste the same water. See the same stars and sun. You are living in the West, while I’m living in the East. You showed me how the stars appeared in your sky at night, when it was my afternoon. You never got bored staring at my face. “Beautiful”, you whispered.

You would never forget me until your last breath. You would not find the same girl like me. You felt close to me. You always complained about the…


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Well it comes first when I listened to Roman and Zzina's singing a song. I'm interested to follow them both :D

Also I don't know how to put this recording since I'm using my mobile application to record this. 

By the way, I can't sing and play guitar properly LOL. I missed some chords anyway! So check this out a song from OASIS - DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER (slow version)!! I'm sorry for interrupting your ears! xD…


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Life Style in Digital Era

Today, we live in a modern era where we can find new technologies are always being updated each day. For an instance, a brand of smartphone that always presents the latest innovations of its features. It helps people with super complex necessity to fulfill the demands of their works. But I do realize that when something hit massively, it will take some effects to an existence.

Let me talk about the situation in my country! I try to describe what is happening here lately :)



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This is my first poem I post in here, since I realize I'm not into a poem xD

Should a poem consist of diction words that make people wonder? 

Well, I'm not sure about this poem but in the case of learning, why not to try? :P


Beautiful words always came out from your mouth

It magically turned her face…


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A Moment in Paris

2009 – Jess woke up at 09.00 AM. It was the earliest time for her during winter. She wore a thick coat and tied her blonde hair quickly. After getting a cup of hot chocolate to warm her body, she walked down the stairs of her apartment. With her hasty steps, she went to the restaurant. She landed her steps at a Japanese Restaurant. She kept looking around. After a few minutes, an Arabian guy came closer to her. Hussein took out a red small box from his coat, then looked into her blue eyes… Continue

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Dear, Rain

It is raining outside. I love smell of the rain. I love its atmosphere which makes me drowsy. I'm sitting down. I'm thinking. I'm reminiscing the memories that had gone away. I'm smiling and pensiving. Now I know, everything is just for temporary. Just like the rain... I can't even hold up a drop of the rain.

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Have you ever heard about body shaming? Maybe yes, you have found a lot of writings or videos on internet about body shaming. 

Quoting from a source, the definition of body shaming is the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size. I think almost all of us ever got this action even though from the close friends as a joke. 

Well, in this time I want to tell a story of body shaming that happened to…


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Strange Place

This is my second blog, using the same first word "Strange" :D Yeah I cannot say how many strange events come into my life. Besides, I'm not creative enough to make a nice title. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

So I want to share my random experience. Random? Well maybe not... I cannot say this is uncommon, because I have a huge list!

In November 2016, I attended an event in another city. It was my first event that required me to speak English for 3 days. Hmm I can say I was so…


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Strange Love

Well this is my first blog here... I already started write blogs since 2012 but I had no courage to publish and let people read it. But now, I find my self enjoy to write and publish it (I would love it if you correct the grammar/vocab). Frankly, I never want to let everybody knows this story but I need your perspective to help me open my mind :)

Love is something that will never run out for discussion. Even the famous people will raise the theme of love for their creation (song,…


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