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A Night Revisiting the Past

13 March, 2017

It was 1 AM past in Hauz Khaz village. Standing in the parking lot, she was prying at him slowly and steadily. His lips, his smile and his voice, all reminding her past memories she had. She does not care for right or wrong, good or bad. All she wanted was to hug him and cry for some 15 minutes. Neither she wanted to say anything, nor she wanted to listen up anything. Her eyes were saying what her lips could not speak. “Hug me please!”

Definitely this was not the…


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When your strength becomes your Weakness!

The concept of justice and equality is so inbuilt in my character that I want to see meritocracy winning everywhere! But that happens only occasionally. The problem with this technically right demand is that it leaves a person in hope and expectations. 

Hope and Expectations have a different face that we often do not discuss or try to ignore. That is despair and disappointment. If I invest time, emotions, money (although immaterial) and I work hard with sweat and blood that I do…


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When Love makes you Slave!

It’s been almost 3:00 AM. I never saw this time in my watch as much as I have seen in last 1 month. I can hear the minute clock running against time. I can hear my fan rotating incessantly. I know after 2 hours the birds will wake up, the sun will move above the horizon and my friends will knock my door for a wonderful morning walk in a lush green park. But my sleep is still eluding. 

I always knew that I am alone responsible for the decisions I take. I have to bear the consequences…


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Republic Day of India - 26 January

The Preamble of worlds longest written constitution which belongs to worlds biggest democracy goes like this -

"WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among…


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Languages in context of Culture and Nation

Language makes the core of a culture. So while other identities like religion and ethnicity can act like flesh and blood to the skeleton of culture which is language with its popular literature. While every language is like a river which propagates on them self, make their own way and expand in dialects and vocabulary on the course of development.  Like all rivers which are destined to meet an ocean/sea some day, languages serve the common goal (destined) of communication of ideas as their…


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From glories of USSR to the rise of Russia.

It was 25 December, 1991 when the Soviet flag lost its high command in sky and 15 small or big nations came into being. It was a day when Soviet became history and Russian map was drawn on the globe. A lot of obituaries were made about the future of the Russia and other former USSR countries. But no one knew what was written in the fate of this mighty nation.

I would say the last chapter on turmoil of this great nation was yet to be written. And the final outcome is still in the womb…


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Constitutionalism Abhors Absolutism

Rules that govern us as a society, country and world. Even rules are organic and they grow with time. Principles are dynamic and they change with time. A little look on the growth of constitutionalism with time.

At the inceptions of every civilization it was ruled by some king or head of the community who derived their legitimacy with some commonly established norms. Caliphs got their authority from religions, English from Queen, Indians from Kinds, Chinese had dynasties and tribals…


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Killing the pawns missing the King!

Sometimes I wonder, is it mere a coincidence that Osama Bin Laden, Hafeez Saeed, Tashfeen Malik, Syed Farook, Al-queda, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Haqqani Network, Kasab etc. all either belong to Pakistan or have a very close link with Pakistan. Sometimes I think that may be we are discussing over the issue superficially and not putting the enough efforts to dig down and find out the basic roots of all violence. Statements from the leadership and authorities around the world look hollow, their chorus…


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Rethinking Extramarital Affairs.

She yelled at him, “I did not hurt you, you hurt yourself”.  Yes it’s another fight between husband and wife. That is what usually they do after the initial period of romance.

Well, this particular couple had differences. Differences not only in the way of living life, but also in the way they perceive it. Ideological differences! And maybe this is the reason they tried to avoid each other. Their silence speaks with them not their words. Did not share the things they were supposed to…


Added by Traveler on November 3, 2015 at 21:24 — 8 Comments

Americans History - An untold sacrifice.

What it takes to be the most powerful country in the world? For how long and how much does it take to remain at the top of the world? There are choices, some really hard to make. And how does it feel when you know that these choices affect the people living in frigid Siberia to hot and dry Sahara? Its not easy to understand these serious questions. It needs patience to listen others and get the things from their point of view.

I am writing this blog after reading a lot of blogs…


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Great Power comes with Great Responsibilities.

A lot of essays have been written on love/romance by many youngsters. Conservative Muslims (Sunni) seldom lose any chance of highlighting Islam as best way of life and quotations of Quran to prove it. Nationalist took Luci's challenge quite seriously and wrote about respective nations. Helen fictions full of emotions and suspense are no where near end. Terrorism! Putin! and other sensational news always get due recognization among people especially Setareh. Except romance,religion and…


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Randomness has a Pattern.

The thing I abhor most since birth is "giving up". The feeling that comes inside when I think "I can't do it" is disgusting and most fearful. I did lose. I have met failures in life quite often, but I seldomly gave up. And the moments when I gave up, the feelings of regret and guilt are quite young. With time I developed an attitude to hate the habit of giving up.

This trait is not about academics or physical strength only. Its about intellect as well. If I can't appreciate…


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How is she?

It’s a question that I asked to myself when I read the line “Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer” by Earnest Holmes. In my fantasy she is an invaluable gift given by life for sure. I am trying to comprehend her looks, her intellect and the relationship (real or virtual) we share….

I don’t know. No one knows what cooks inside her mind. There is a perpetual smile on her face. And behind that smile, there is something fishy. She portrays as being determined on…


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Random Thoughts

"You think too much", she yelled at me. And it was not the first time some one expressed his/her disillusionment from my idealism. Some called it juvenile, other called it pre-mature thoughts, some rejected by saying that they are far from realism others preferred not to comment. But no one said that my thoughts are irrelevant. Yes they are unorganized, yes they do not lead to any meaningful conclusion and can make you fatigue but definitely they are serious!

Yes I am serious. Damm…


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Incredible Time - Changing Time!

Long ago, when I was a child, I was good in day dreaming! Visualizing myself as hero, thinking as if I was flying, contemplating myself with the super heroes like Shaktiman and Junior G. Long ago, I was a child and I was free to imagine, free to make senseless talks, and fantasies without boundaries. Long ago when there were no obligations and no restrictions, no commitments and no realizations. Long ago when animals were friends and gardens were playgrounds...

I do not remember when…


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For You & For Me.

It was a long journey, and now what lies ahead is a bifurcation. Two different paths, with different challenges and different destinations. Well, we had different priorities since inception and different perception of looking at same things so, this diversion is understandable. At this moment when one chapter of life is going to end and a new chapter is going to begin, lets recap what we are giving up!!

For the eyes that said the whole story and for the lips never spoke!



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Indian Women - In the Changing Time.

People often accuse me of being Feminist. I am not! Cute Angel emotional comment is the reason I am writing this blog, so she is the source of my motivation. Her comment on my last blog left me flabbergasted and I think its my obligation to put the truth in front of world people. Thanks Cutie.

Women, whatever I say is less for her. Indian women is best among other women's. The life she lives is a life of sacrifice, its a life hard choices, its a life in which she kills her desires…


Added by Traveler on March 17, 2015 at 2:38 — 7 Comments

Understanding Problems from Basics.

Terrorism is often seen as an act of violence by some sick minds to spread fear and buckle down establishment for the cause terrorist are fighting. But I think its a very narrow definition of terrorism. Terrorism is not just an act, its an ideologies and the so called "terrorist" are sincerely devoted to that (wrong) ideology.

I remember the Peshawar incidents in Pakistan where terrorist before killing the innocent children in school asked them to read the 'Kalma' - "ya illa,…


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An Insight of National Leaders with their Ideologies & legacies and its impact on Indian Subcontinent.

Thanks Arif, Anah, Mishaikh, Humza and others who commented on my last blog with emotions, distorted factual comments and Arif with logic and reasoning. It has inspired me to write the next blog in the sequence of Pakistan's ideology as a nation. 

Arif, rightly said that Jinnah was a secular initially (which India is today), but wrong circumstances (as Jinnah perceived) made him communal and a hard line Muslim politician i.e not by will but because of Hindu domination he chose to…


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Pakistan - A Nation nurtured on fear.

The oldest civilization of Indian subcontinent, lies in the lower Indus valley basically. Its is called Indus valley civilization (most of the part lies in Pakistan today). Its the place where Hinduism was born. Its the place from where Veda were written. Indus is the river from where country derived its name India and remained integrated for the next 5000 years until partition happened on the name of religion. 

Mohd. Ali Jinnah an erstwhile secular person was the founder of an…


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