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The commitment, by its definition is a promise to do something or be loyal to someone or something. I pay so much importance to the commitment. To me the commitment is accomplishment of task or fulfilment of promise within stipulated time. If a newly married couple try to adhere to their commitment, nobody can seclude their marriage. Similarly if an employee remains committed to his assignment, no employer can dismiss him from his job. The more you commit yourself, the more you narrow…


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The Time Will Pass

Ups and downs are the part of life. Everyone in the world at whatsoever position may be has to face this vicious circle. The parents who are the most sincere gift of Allah the Almighty sometimes seem helpless when we alone have to cope with some challenges. When I underwent bitter experience of my life, I had to do nothing but keep endurance, so the truth would reveal at its time. I, then, realized that the time is the only medicine which cures our injured soul.…


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Weekend In Pakistan

On 3rd March, 1997, Nawaz Sharif, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan declared Sunday as Pakistan's weekly holiday while Friday as half day. On 14th October, 2011 the interior ministry issued a notification for two weekly holidays i.e. Saturday and Sunday. 

Since then Saturday and Sunday are our weekend. Working 9 hours a day from Monday to Friday, I feel exhausted and feel like going somewhere for excursion on the weekend. However, I…

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A Firm Faith in ABC

Man is born naked who knows nothing, but with the start from ABC of any thing he confront as challenge, becomes the master. He earns different title and respect in the society on account of his constant labour in gaining excellency of the chosen field of which he knows nothing when he takes his first try. However, there are many people we have met who are lost in reverie and build castle in the air. These are those who wish to attain everything overnight and does not believe in ABC. Hence,…


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Stop Dreaming

Since childhood, I had a lot dreams which, I believed, would come true someday, but in reality most of them just became part of my memory and there is no prospect of fulfilling them at this age. As a matter of fact, I never followed my dreams nor did I try practically to achieve them. The hurdle that stood on my way was my self assumption there were many barriers erected on my achievement, but in reality it needed different tactic for different dreams  and slight try with firm intention that…


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Meeting With Caretaker Minister

I was serving the government as Private Secretary to the Additional Cheif Secretary during caretaker set up was installed before last election held on 25th July, 2018. Our Provincial Minister of caretaker government was to visit at our office. It was an introductory meeting convened on instruction of the then Minister at 04:00 pm. I was so busy in arranging this meeting that I could not remember what time it was. Suddenly I received a call from PS to Minister informing with reluctance that…


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Artificial Gentleman

There are so many types of personalities you might have met in your life and after passing a certain time you have formed your judgement which was later on proven wrong. Actually most of people, we meet on different occasion, successfully hide their flaws and behave differently. With this superficial judgement, we try to clinch our friendship. 

Similarly, I have recently met few guys who were discussing how to impress others and what made others…

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My Speech On The Topic: Importance Of A Mother In Our Lives (with voice recording)

Reposting with voice recording which I forgot to upload.
I participated in speech competition on the topic: importance of a mother in our lives) 

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Accepting Someone As What They Are

Life has taught me many lessons which caused positive effect on my personality and thoughts. One of the lessons I have learned from life is that change never comes by force nor does it come by demand. When we accept someone after being altered, we lose the real one and lead the whole life being fool with the artificial one. So, accepting someone as what (s)he is acceptance indeed.

In my sight, the genuine, fair and sincere  people are highly respectable despite having…


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As being government employee, there is always an opportunity to avail fully funded scholarship offered by universities in abroad. I have come across some reputable universities of the world offering for scholarship in the  relevant faculty to my career, but subject to having 6 band or plus in IELTS. So, I decided to appear in IELTS test, so as  to avail this offer. When I searched for the best institutions where I could prepare for it, I was astonished to see fees of these institutions…


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What Is Beauty? And Its Connection To The Love

What's beauty?

The beauty has attraction. If anything or anyone apparently looks beautiful, but has no attraction for you is not beautiful for you. Two people look at the same thing from their own standpoints, so not necessarily induce the same. So let me say that beauty is in the eyes of beholders.

What's connection with…


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Are All Women In Pakistan Living As Oppressed Creatures?

Pakistan where women can wear whatever they want except bikini in public places, drive car, get job in air, naval forces and civil service department,  take part in politics.  It is the country where a woman twice had been elected as prime Minister,  yet  western media tries to portray women living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan as oppressed creatures. Having seen many videos, it revealed that they have no concern about Muslims women as they are being…


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IELTS Writing Task 2

Question: It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction. What sort of punishment should be allowed to use to teach children?

It is the nature of humans to learn right and wrong from the environment so does a child who develops the sense of good and bad from what he sees. The force or any sort of physical punishment in inculcating him social norms and moral principles will lead…


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Is love blind?

Is love really blind?

Generally speaking, love is blind and when you fall in love with donkey, Hoor is nothing. It, therefore said so, because general people are unaware about the inner quality of this donkey. This donkey has spirit of sacrifices which distinguished her among other women. Hoor is void of spirit of sacrifices. It's spirit of sacrifices which Allah the Almighty loves the most. Otherwise, it would have been declared that no beautiful people will enter the Hell. As a…


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To Whom It May Concern

Dear Members, 

I, being so considerate, would like to say something to whom it may concern. 

There have been more than six or seven hundreds personal messages in the inbox. I hardly replied to any personal message. I set a principle for online friendship and I strictly fellow my self set principle for more than…


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Is This Adieu ?

It was a long time ago I joined this charismatic site, amazing people from different counties and unique sense of humour. That all was the reason which frequently used to drag me back and force me to apply my own hilarious sense not to make others laugh but to enjoy myself.

With the passage of time, the environment in the site was changed from hilarious style to melancholy and then romance which was proven a great threat to the real purpose learning or practising English by fun without… Continue

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Let's Curse On Corruption Indiscriminately ---- Part One

Signification of Holy Prophet's saying that both bribes taker and giver are gone in Hell.

There are so many issues such as low standard of education, Environmental pollution, poor law & order situation etc which need to be addressed on top priority. The root of all these issues is corruption which is detriment to the treasury of government. There are many kinds of corruption which are interconnected to one another in Pakistan. I would like to reflect into few kinds of them which… Continue

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A Bill Against Child Employment

The Sindh Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill against employment of children below the age of 14, named as The Sindh Prohibition of Employment of Children Bill, 2017 which carries up to six-months imprisonment and a fine up to Rs 50,000 for the offenders. And if a child is employed for a hazardous job, the prison term may be extended up to three years with Rs 100,000 fine.

Apparently, the action by members of Sindh Assembly are appreciable but the reality is that the… Continue

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The First Meeting With Classmates In Cafeteria

It was the first day in my class for graduation. I joined my class a week later. In the meanwhile, all classmates had already made their groups of friends as per their interest. I tried my best to make a simple introduction in the class and remained very active in question answer section which every teacher usually gives at the end of his lecture. After the end of the class, a bunch of classmates came to me and invited me to take a cup of tea with them in a cafeteria. I accepted the invitation… Continue

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Wish you All The Best!

Many new years have come and gone without being noticed, but nothing has changed. We expected so high from coming days and new years as though they would bring plenty of achievements in our lives while the achievements and success depend on your constant struggle, but this may not be disregarded that the goals are achieved in determined time, neither before decided time nor after. However, the first time I feel like celebrating new year. You know why? :)

In this year, I am going to… Continue

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