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~2019 - 05 : It's Okay ~

Sometimes when things not on your side and feeling down.. 

It's Okay

* to make mistakes

* to have bad days

* to be less than perfect

* to do what's best for you

* to be…


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~2019 - 04 : Writer's block ~

What is Writer's block?

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.

Basically,  That's Me!  (^_^)v


the other side of story :- Who is he?

Mr Macaron  (^_^)…


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~2019 - 03 : Who is he? ~

After a while without my laptop.. I am used not be able to go online and mostly using my phone catching up with the reading.

I failed my last aim on reading 180 books.. This year I reduce to 150 books to read.

Psssst… (whispering) psstt……

I want to tell you a story that makes my day.

While on the way home, waiting on train playing with my phone. I saw him.

Tall with fair skin, have a brownish hair with dimple both on his cheek. He is so… Continue

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~2019 - 02 : How I Describe "ROM" (Onee-chan's Writing Challenge) ~

What is ROM?

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. The memory from which we can only read but cannot write on it.

Well, that's me for past these weeks. (^_^)?

January is my Birthday month and on my birthday, my laptop motherboard crashed.  Its kinda like a curse or something... lol  i was like.. what... i have been using this laptop for few months only and its still new *mental shutdown

It should be my happy day but turn out miserable.. still i am…


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~ 2019 - 01 : New Chapter ~

Bye 2018 and Hello 2019

Happy New Year!!  \(^_^)/  May this year would be a fabulous & great year for us.  How is your new year? mine is pretty normal.  Doing nothing much except stay late last night and wish my cousin a Happy Birthday.  Update few entries from fb and insta.  

This morning my sister ask me to go out, so here is my journey for a new day, new beginning for 2019

It is a good day.. sky is clear.…


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~ 2018 - 25 : N0nE ~

This week, not much of story.. 

Happy Weekend ^^


8.35 pm - Boring week  TGIF

music mode

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~ 2018 - 24 : Social Media ~

Life without social media!  

Lately, some of my friends said they want to off their social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter & etc).  I was like""ërmm... mmMm ooOoookay".  

I guess we depending so much on social media so much, with phone in the hand, scrolling online story every time, checking any updates from our friends, relatives and family. 

It's  make me thinking.. should i do it?  Can i survive without social media?! 

How about a month without social…


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~ 2018 - 23 : a good deeds ~

This happened yesterday. 

On the way home from work, i've met my sister.  We often do that to reduce our travelling cost by going home together. 

While walking together at train station.  I saw this old guy doing alms for money. 

me : (pull out my wallet)

mysis :  (saw my wallet.. give me face with question look)

me : let give that uncle some money

mysis : (looking at the guy)

me : you know what.. 

mysis : what..

me : its near…


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~ 2018 - 22 : My Letter To You ~


I am here once again after long absent.  How are you?  It is snowing over there?  Hows life?  do you remember me? lol 


It is already near end of year which is not a good year for me.  2018 is more crying rather than smiling. 

are you a planner addict?   which planner do you decide to use for next year? 

mine is Hobonichi for 2019. …


Added by Fizzy on December 1, 2018 at 10:10 — 7 Comments

~ 2018 - 21 : There's no place like home ~

As i am on depression mode lately, while roaming online, looking new book, new music or buy things that makes me happy (^_^)v .   

Somehow i came-cross with some countries of happiness.  I don't know how true is this but if you live to one of these countries, give me a shout .. hehe   are you happy?  

When i see this lists, I've wonder if…


Added by Fizzy on November 9, 2018 at 13:19 — 19 Comments

~ 2018 - 20 : Mishaikh’s Writing Challenge - Mixed Idiom ~

out of blue, here i am again.

Hello.. How are you? Hope you all are well. Do you remember me?  at this moment i am kinda black and blue since the fire drill training at my workplace.  I can't barely walk - my legs hurt.  

The environment at the office not good.  The company want to let go some of workers due the economic so bad lately. The company left us in the dark, which makes us wondering who might be the one.  i am so…


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~ 2018 - 19 : The day my day stood still ~

nothing much going on lately, and this weekend kinda day passed so fast...  lots of going on happened this months.. with flood, death and sad things..

Didn't talk in english nor read english book but i still listen to music. This week song is The Bluetones - Bluetonic

I remembered long time ago; that I've learned a word…


Added by Fizzy on October 7, 2018 at 13:35 — 6 Comments

~ 2018 - 17 : Conversation 1.0 ~

Where to start...   let see....  MmMm... no i didn't see it...  front of me is just a white wall with nothing on it.. just empty.. empty space without a words...

that another story.... (^-^)v

After work 

On the way to train station i saw few sales ppl try to lore people and i…


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~ 2018 - 16 : Smash Hits ~

My sister has been listening 80s and 90s songs and this particular song stick in my mind for whole week.

Still do.. \(^o^)/ 

and now i would like to share the songs to you... lets the song stick in your mind...

together remember forever.. teehehe

~ Blur ~

This group have major hits songs.…


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~ 2018 - 15 : Are you ready ? ~

Are you Future Ready?!!!  

as we are near to 2020, there are lots of new development, new technologies and so on..

Are we ready for it?  as for me i am not yet ready.  It seem unbelievable that is near 2020.  

Now more company move toward to the technologies with more faster work and faster result.  It might be scary because workers like us might…


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~ 2018 - 14 : My King ~

Yay.. eventhough today is Monday suppose to be a stress day or monday blues but I am happy because it is a Public Holiday...


It is replacement day for Malaysia's King Birthday!.   It's yesterday and because i was sick and stayed in bed not be able to wish his Birthday.

Happy Birthday My King

(Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia)…


Added by Fizzy on September 10, 2018 at 10:56 — 7 Comments

~ 2018 - 13 : T Twister ~

Practice make perfect.  


do you know where peter piper picked the pickled peppers?

do you? do

(dory mode)


here another one.…


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~ 2018 - 12 : National Day ~

Happy Independence Day MALAYSIA

31st August 1957

31st August 2018

It is our 61st National Day…


Added by Fizzy on August 31, 2018 at 0:00 — 16 Comments

~ 2018 - 11 : Onee-chan's Dialogue Challenge ~

"your challenge has been accepted Onee~chan",  that's what i said at onee-chan blog entry.  However i got confused with the task. lol   you see my english still on elementary.  =D

Here goes :-

O : Have you ever posted video on EC?

Me :  i used to upload before but not anymore

O : Have you blogged on MyEC this month?

Me : Yes, as often as i could.

O : My photo have not been approved, yet

Me :  What!! not yet approve?…


Added by Fizzy on August 30, 2018 at 14:30 — 12 Comments

~ 2018 - 10 : It is okay ? ~

i just wondering.. or maybe repeating asking myself again..  am i .. no i dont think so..

It is okay for me to write about my daily day here?  It is so weird for me.. maybe i should stop doing it.. 

I read lots of good blogs here with motivational, learning experience and gained more knowledge with useful new information.

i was like.. oh No...   i am not that kind of good thinker or bright.  i was like what am i doing.. *hitting my head on table.. okay, that's sure hurt…


Added by Fizzy on August 25, 2018 at 10:07 — 22 Comments

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