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Am I rich?

What do you think when some one told you that you are a rich person because you travel a lot? Many people told me that I am a rich person when they know that I have visited many countries in this world. To be honest  It is a tough question to answer. Many times I said that I am not, but friends still can believe it.

So, I have got an idea to share my experience here.

1. I never join travel agent except one when I went to middle east. Joining travel agent spends a lot of…


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How to start?

What will you say when your friends tell you the truth of you. Actually it is not the good side of you, but the bad side of you?

The weather was very nice this morning.  We still had a little time to chat before starting our work, suddenly one of my friends put a bottle of 'jamu" (herb) on the table and said "Let us drink it". Everybody in my room started to take their glasses and  drank it except me. Then she forced me to drink it. I refused it because I didn't like the…


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New Year's Eve

      Last night One of my friends in English Club asked me How I  will celebrate New year. I really had no idea. I never celebrate it these last few years. But this question brought me to a good memorize many years ago.

      When I was a kid or my parents' children were still at school, we used to welcome new year. My mom woke us up at around five or ten minutes to midnight. We all were together in living room. We started the ceremony when we heard the ring of the church's bell. My…


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