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•°● Me and My Dusty luck ●°•

       We have such a bad attitude toward ourself . We seem to be a dept in making the worest spectle for us to live in it . By putting our full attention on " What we don't have ???"" Or " What others do you have ???"" Let me announce this shocking but real fact . As long as we are looking beyond the fences of our own homes . We won't be pleased at all . If your brain is used to belittle you , your brain is constructing your bad and dusty face of luck .                         …


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•°● Rocking a Bye Baby ●°•

    """Rock-a-bye babyOn the tree to , When the wind blows , The cradle will rock . When the bough breaks the cradle will fall , and down will come Baby,  Cradle and all """                                                                                                                                                                                   



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°•● My Electric Finger ●•°

     Ones of the most obvious side effects of my excessive and addictive use of my cell phone , is developing my own electric shock .

As an outcome of my long hours of cyber loafing . My body have been filled with electricity from head to toes for a while .

       Notoriously , that was clear whenever I shaked hands with people or touched anyone . Electricity is there and it is flowing through my skeleton like a circuit. 

       Thus , I decided to abandon my…


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°•● Can Gifts indicate our Inner Feelings ●•°

       How much do you pay to choose a gift for a special person ? I think the way we pick our gifts indicate our emotions and closeness to the people we want to introduce our gifts for . Our gifts show some of our personal traits as well and tell lot of things in the same time .

      Here is a real story about a gift that derailed to be a famous poem . An arab poet successed in opening a shoe factory and one that special occasion. He sent his friend a box with a new pair…


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●•° My heart is Enough ●•°

   When we were young , we usually fought about our places in home or in car . Where we should or shouldn't sat in a place or declare our silly ownership for a place in the house to cast other kids from sitting there .

Elder women used to say " if there is enough…


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○•●° A Lamentation to the Sunrise °●•○

They were crossing the roads

They were walking through the narrow paths

And in my ears were the sounds comming out the minerats

More than a million muslims are standing to pray

Close to the most scared place on earth

Here is Holy Makkah

There was she

Laying wrapped in white clothes My " Sunrise "

Muslims are comming from all directions

Of the Holy mosque…


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°•● Prayers ●•°

Allah knows , he is the justiful high in heavens ,

Allah knows , what is the right judgement ,

We are embarking the same ship ,

No one has the right to dig a hole in his part ,…


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•°● Growing like a Tree ●°•

    We talk most of the time of growing old by sticking a number close to our names .our ages stereotype us , give us worth or deprive us from many privileges .

Most of today's modern self developers handel growing from another prospective . They relate it to the sum of experiences we have gone…


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•°● Funny Pains ●°•

     That day our neighbor came to our house asking my younger brother if he saw her son at school . It was about 4 p.m , and her son didn't arrive at home yet . After a while , we knew that our neighbor boy wasn't the only lost boy in the small town .

My parents headed to the police station to report the absence of their kinds . The police officer notice the similarities between the cases , all the boys were at their 13 , in their first intermediate year , from the same…


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•●° I Have Left Him °●•

     It was a usual women gathering with many Arabian coffee cup and lots of cookies , cakes , and many waffling around .

     Far from the chaotic big morning banquet . I was talking with a friend of mine . We mentioned a word related to our culture and dialect . The word express bad people intervention in family issues . She asked me how do you define ....... ? I said : I thinks it's when someone ruins your relation with your spouse on purpose . That's what the word…


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●•° Dystopia °•●

     People oppose war crimes shouting " this is aganist humanity " or name themselves " human activitist " oh my God . Are they aware of the literal meanings of humanity or are they fighting their evil traits under the name of evil it's self .

Being a human is being able to survive under any difficult conditions with all possible means , even if your methods are dirty ones . Throughout history humans were responsible for the most cruel and…


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●•°° The Half Emptiness of My Cup °°•●

     That man who was pondering the cup of water for days and days or it might been for a second . Have screamed loudly saying his revolutionary concept the half is filled with water Nonetheless , his notion is a hypothesis which reflects his meditative mood in that certain day . We can't generalize it . The Half Emptiness isn't wrong and it has no affiliation with positivety or self development sessions or coaching . There is no big deal in a cup of water . The 2 concepts are not…


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•●° Your Chest and Your Secrets •●

        Your Chest is similar to a box within it there is your secrets . If your own chest is too narrow for keeping your big secret in , other people chests can't hold them for you . Chest have literally 2 meanings , that part of our upper bodies and a chest that equals a box . Beware to keep your chest open or give your own things for other to save them . Because , no one will keep your things in their chests .

          The Chinese successd in keeping the silk…


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°•● My listening and Speaking Tips ●•°

             Those 2 important skills are inseperatable , listening always comes first before speaking skills even in our native languages . We can't speak unless we listen or hear the language at first hand as young toddlers .

Most English learners suffer from their inability to speak English or incorrectness of their way of articulating it's sounds in the right way . All these problems can be defeated by hard work , persistence and the gradual passing of time . It's…


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•°● When I First Saw a Book ●°• Books Succulent •°•°•

    Do we immerse ourselves in books just for getting informations , learning , studying or getting any kind of degrees , and afterwards we cut all our bonds with books .

Books are a lucrative business and a long life investment , that you won't regret launching it .



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•°● Boiled Bread ●°•

    It seems to be very hilarious , unbelievable but it is true and such a thing dose really exists . It's part of my traditional cuisine to boil flat round doughs in salted water or in a big pot of chicken or meat broth and then serves them with a bowl of broth , lentils , fennel herb or nettle herb .

    I think that a dish reflects more than a thing we fill our stomachs with . Each and every food recipes has its own unique story and date of birth…


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•●°• When I First Saw a Book °●• The First parchment ~•°

        Books were premeating my life since an early age . They were in every corner in our small house . Most of them were belonging to my elder brother and they were given as gifts for him . These books are called in our culture the " mother books " that is because they contain all the basic , essential and important knowledge about the Arabic language Islam science and literature .                                                                                       These…


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°•● To Step in or to Step Out ●•°

How much are others accountable for standing for us , when we are faced with hardships ???

     Being confronted with the world as a teen with many little situations , which were critical for me . I used to blame others for not giving me a helping had .

At that early age I need a lot of support and backing up .

I conflated alot between people's behaviors and personalities . I used to blame others most of the time , and deep inside I felt disappointed from the whole humanity for…


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°•● The doomsday ●•°

Some dreams don't come

They aren't yours

Stop presuing them

They aren't yours

Some love stories don't begins

Cause there are much pains at the ends…


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My writing tips :)

       Writing good English is a major goal for many English learners , and it's important for getting higher degrees or continuing studies in any field of knowledge . I can't claim to be a perfect writer but I want to share some of my personal tips of writing and wait for you my friends to share your own tips too . Whenever , I saw new members joining the English Club I get excited and happy because , it's our opportunity to hear their voices about their countries , hobbies , culture ,…


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