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Important Philosophers And Their Ideas

Philosophy is an intricate, compulsive, stimulating, and thought-provoking field of study. It focuses on convoluted ideas and questions that require deep thinking and analysis. You question what life is, what is your purpose, and the meaning behind everything. These are heavy subjects as it is incredibly difficult to grasp these ideologies and concepts. What must be understood is that you need to ask questions to get to the answers. At least, this is what the Socratic school of thought…


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Nominalizations in academic writing

Nominalization - Forming a noun from a verb or adjective

ex. Truth --> True

By deleting the presence of a human agent within a given sentence, it can assist in maintaining an impersonal tone, hence it is associated with academic writing.

Some writers believe that one of the key strategies for achieving information density in academic writing as well as objectivity is through…


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Professional Writing Company

An Essay Writing Company: How to Detect Real Professionals

A quick search of the Internet reveals hundreds of companies that purport to offer professional writing services. Out of the many websites that cater to this service, few can actually back up the claim that they use writing professionals. To figure out which essay writing company is the best, students should use some of the following guidelines.

essay writing service mcessay

Look at the…


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Mastering Your Master Dissertation

A lot of students pursuing higher education do not realize that there are significant differences between the kind of dissertations you must write as you continue your college career, such as between an undergraduate dissertation and a master dissertation. To some extent, to the dissertations, essays, and research papers you write in undergraduate school are honing you for what you will experience if you decide to pursue a graduate indication in order to achieve your Master’s degree or your…


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Setting up a Dissertation Proposal

Arguably, writing up a dissertation proposal is much more difficult than writing the actual proposal itself. In any given field of study, there are any number of different dissertation ideas, which can make choosing a single topic for your own dissertation that much harder. You have to be extremely careful when choosing a topic, because naturally, of course, your entire dissertation will hinge on that. If you choose a subject or a proposal which is too difficult, you may never prove what you…


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7 Tools to Give Your Assignment writing Skills a Boost

Want to learn the blessed tools that help you to up your grades

are you one of those students are struggling while writing the assignment and you always regret on it or you may be students who do not achieve targeted grade due to lacking some writing skills that are important for writing the assignment. If…


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5 Steps To Enhance Your Self-Confidence At Workplace

You may have heard from many motivational speakers and trainers the phrase “Have faith in yourself and believe that you can do anything if your will is strong and concrete.” Such expressions are a huge confidence booster for people, and it helps them to make better decisions while being focused and determined on their objectives.

Frequently, people are more affected towards their self-confidence building when they read or hear about real examples of less motivated people and how they…


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Dispelling All Myths Affecting the Assignment Writing Help Industry

It has been a while that the academic writing industry has established its presence as one of the most progressive sectors dealing with academics. However, there are contradictions in this matter as well. There are people who are of the opinion that assignment writing helpers are mostly fake, under qualified, dishonest, amateur; and so on and so forth. But this is something which isn’t entirely true. Here are the four…


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Buy Essay: Be smart and get smarter.

Discover the benefits of buying an essay - you never knew existed!

“Buy essays for higher productivity” - this statement reflects a sensible option, endorsed by many professionals and students. It also underlines an intelligent choice, made by those who cannot depend on their writing ability to achieve their ends and yet wish to obtain an advantage. The benefits you receive after buying an essay, makes the price you paid for it seem like a small sum. After discovering the benefits,…


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Planning Your Essay From Topic to Outline

Planning your essay is without doubt the most important stage of the essay writing process and yet, for hundreds of students, it is the stage that is given the least time. Planning your essay well will have a huge impact on the final product.

The planning process starts with the essay question.If you're a UK student, you'll probably find your topic or question has…


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7 effective ways to memorize English words

You need to learn a lot of a new words, but it's hard to remember all them. Learn how to memorize new words easily and quickly apply them in practice!

When learning a foreign language it is very important to constantly update your…


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Brainstorming Benefits & Techniques For A Perfect Essay

You have been hearing the word ‘brainstorming’ every other minute while you are at your school. And confused about what that term is all about? Then here is a section that is all about brainstorming, its importance and ways to do brainstorming.

Traditionally, brainstorming is a technique for generating creative ideas for your essay and academic writing. Brainstorming is very necessary before starting your writing work as even for writing two lines you need to think before writing…


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8 Tips For Writing A Knock-em Dead Headline

There are so many elements that play a very important part in every ad, sales letter, brochure or any piece of business communication that you write, earn money by writing. And one of the most important elements is the headline.

The headline of your piece will either makes your reader so excited they'll want to read the rest of your ad, letter etc. or it will make them switch…


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Writing Prompt ~ Double Letters

A Terrible Day

It was at midday, and the weather was hot. I went to the kitchenette to find something cold to drink or something sweet to eat, but nothing. I was mulling over the best solution for the problem I faced. Confronting hagridden and callous persons is an unforgettable…


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History Assignment History and Historiography

Basically, the word history is a Greek word which comes from the history it means acquiring knowledge through analysis and investigation. the understandable meaning of history is it is a subject in which students learn the past human civilization and it covers large areas such as personalities, communities,…


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How to Bring More Artistry to Your Writing

It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do, and a bit of artistry is always a good thing. Think about it. Whether it’s an impassioned political speech, touching personal essay, or even a memorable commercial, there’s nearly always something special happening beyond what is being expressed. There’s an artistry being expressed. If you can bring…


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Writing service that really helps students

If you are seeking for help because of the undone essays or other writings than go and order a help from a professionals writers at this essay writing service

        They are strictly against plagiarism and have a set of rules that prevents any kind of plagiarism in works of their writers. All the academic papers are written from scratch with proper paraphrasing and edited quotations. They check every paper with…


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Why Students and Scholars Should Cite Sources in Academic English Essays

Why is citing sources in essays such a big deal? Does anyone really care? Yes. Here are some reasons why.

Both high school and college students - and even graduate students - might wonder why citing sources is so important. They might even wonder why particular disciplines ask for specific formatting styles, such as MLA, APA, or Chicago. There are many good reasons. Here are just a few of the most…


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15 Varieties of Syntax to Improve Your Writing

 When you’re struggling to make your writing stand out, it can help to vary your syntax. This might sound complicated, but we’re basically talking about varying the actual structure of your sentences to add some variety to your work.

But we’re not going to bore you by rambling on and on about what syntax is and why it’s…


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"No Inspiration!" isn't the end of life! You can overcome it

A while ago, I had a task to write lyrics and come up with a vocal party for 5 instrumental songs.

As always, the crisis of inspiration came out of nowhere.

The worst timing ever.

I'm listening to the instrumentals, and they're good, but there's nothing in my head. Nada, nichts, zero. An empty bubble of brain cannot synthesize material out…


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