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Our journey together is too short

As humans, If we did follow what kind of concepts, in this story has a beautiful message for us.

A young lady sat on a bus. At the next stop, an old lady got on the same bus and sat nearby the young lady. She was a loud and grumpy. She squeezed the seat with her big sized bags. The person, who sat on the other side of the young lady, got upset and asked, "I see you are feeling much uncomfortable. But why you don’t say anything to her about your inconvenience".

The young…


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some tips!

  If you are from a hot humid region and  have a plan to go/visit to a cold country/place i.e. Europe during winter season then  there are some tips or information for you!

1. An umbrella is so essential, you may can not thing about it before reaching here! So, get an umbrella in your luggage. And, It must be strong enough. I know a big size umbrella is tough to bring but take at least a medium size than small…


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Mishaikh's Writing challenge: Idioms on Countries

John, Markus and Linda planned an excursion to a place located at the outskirts of the city a month ago. Finally, the day came and all of them were excited about it. But out of the blue, they came to know that their driver took a French leave. After contemplating a while they came up with a solution that John and Markus would drive the car alternately. This way John could take rest while Markus is driving and vice versa.  It went on smoothly…


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Mishaikh's Writing Challenge: IDIOMS on Geography

Random thoughts with Geography Idioms. :))

People are often on cloud nine after digging deep to find an item on online shopping. You know why? Because they found the dirt cheap one at last. You'll be surprised to know that some rich people do that as well. They said, "we are down to earth". D

A down to earth…


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The God

Written by Bonoful (A Bengali Short story writer) 

Translated by Mehedi Hassan…


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Onee's writing Challenge ( present perfect tense)

 Dialogue between two friends.

Zara: Irene, did you see my laptop? Actually, I think I have taken it inside my bag before leaving home but now it is not here. You know, I am worrying, so can you help me to find it?

Irene: Sorry to hear, dear. I think, first you should make a phone call at home and ask your mom, and, anyway is it your  red colored Lapy?

Zara: Yes, yes, that red colored, have you seen it?

Irene: Yes, but, I saw it last week. Anyway, make a phone…


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Honesty vs Sincerity

* H O N E S T Y *

Once, I found a startfruit seller tried to deceive my elder sister by reducing the weights. But, I made her fail in doing that. I smiled knowing it and said, "Ma'am, it is still a half kilogram to reach 5 kg." -This was kind of dishonest way to earn money which make others be in loss-

A few weeks ago, I bought two packs of pen and a boardmarker. After counting the charge myself, I knew I…


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A Study Tour

Dear MyEC friends, ^_^

I'd like to share a story about my study tour long ago. lol. [I feel like a hundred-years woman]. First, please enjoy this! [I'm sorry, only picture. lol]

Related image

Picture source: (Indonesian Culinary)

The study…


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Be helpful but ....

Everyday we see some people around us who beg money from us  for various purposes, i,e, to buy food, for treatment purpose, sometimes they say they need our help ( money) as they are  not able to bear the expenditure of their daughters' marriage, even some beg money to buy shroud for their near ones and bla bla bla...

In my childhood when we came to our capital city, my parents used to give them some money and I felt good seeing them helping the poor needy people. Now I live in a big…


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Writing Challenge: The Spirit of the 2018 World Cup "Afan's Dream"

"At the 44th minute of the football match, Huda tried to save the goal from the threat of Marcel, but his chest was hit by the leg of Rodrigues. He was still able to move, but then he fell unconscious. A few hours after being brought to the hospital, this goalkeeper died. The victory of his team (2-0) was filled with tears and hysterical weepings of the members and passionate fans of the team in the…


Added by Onee-chan on April 29, 2018 at 11:30 — 14 Comments

Writing Challenge: My Tips on How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The existence of gadgets inevitably affects our life, especially our eyes. Many people now work with gadgets almost all the time without having enough rest for eyes. Myopia or hypermetropia is not a problem anymore since the existence of concave-convex lens for those eyes disruption. But, who could hold the pain or headache when one feels so tired on eyes?

I, myself, have no eye problem. But sometimes, I need to work with laptop all the time…


Added by Onee-chan on February 26, 2018 at 4:30 — 14 Comments

Writing Challenge: My Tips on How to ...

Dear all,

Here comes an idea what to write in this writing challenge of the month. :)

I guess everyone has their own way to do something. We received lots of information, but the fact only a few things that suit us…


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Blog Challenge ~ Not only...but also

Good morning, dear Learners and Teachers, Newbies and Seniors. ^_^

How are you today? I hope you’re pretty well. Have you learned new grammar or memorized new vocabulary today? How great to see there are many games these days. I'm sure it will enrich our vocabulary. :))

To boost our English writing skill, I'd like to invite you to practice writing with…


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5 Things I Learnt from My Parents

Dear All Friends, Hope everything is well with you.

Let me share something that impressed me about parents. We all know that we can't choose which two persons would be our parents. Sometimes, we don't have the same thought or we don't like some of their characters or decisions. However, parents are the first two persons that closest to us. Moreover, if they raised us with patience and affection. Here, I want to…


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Life's in "Messa di voce"

Messa di voce is a musical technique that sung or played at a quiet volume, gradually and smoothly made louder until it reaches a high volume, then similarly made quiet again. (wikipedia)

When I was so active in singing activity, I liked this word…


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Danny's Writing Challenge: a Short Funny Story


ME: I can't take it anymore. I know I still have many things to do. But just today, let me rest my brain.

FRIEND: What?? NO!!! You don't need to do that. If you feel that dizzy, you could remove your head and put it on the table. When you…


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The Toilet Disturbers (comments opened)

Toilet is without doubt a place, where we want to rest peacefully… ehm not literally and not forever but I do believe that in such place everybody wants their privacy, right?

So just imagine... you have lived in this harmony without being disturbed for ages BUT suddenly something got changed! Your little invaders, got older and turned out to be your… Toilet…


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What's the reason?

For some days I have been wondering to find out whether I have changed a bit than before! I guessed it as now I like to talk and along with it  feel comfortable to communicate (actually I communicate by writing) with my net based friends than some of my surrounding people. How about you? No, I still like to talk, spend time with my family and who I really care and like, i,e, with my good relatives, friends ( though they are only two and live in…


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Writing Challenge: A News Report

Breaking news!

Two robbers were arrested a while before. At this moment they are in the police station of the town where they are being interrogated. Earlier in the day, a bank was robbed by them. The amount that was grabbed under the gun threat was large. There were three other robbers who managed to get away with a car which some days ago had been reported to the police as stolen. They were…


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Writing Challenge: A News Report

                               Brutal Attack reported on EC main chatroom

46 minutes ago

Virtuality - The English Club main chatroom was attacked by the organized group called…


Added by Luci on November 6, 2017 at 12:00 — 22 Comments

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