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New Year's Eve

      Last night One of my friends in English Club asked me How I  will celebrate New year. I really had no idea. I never celebrate it these last few years. But this question brought me to a good memorize many years ago.

      When I was a kid or my parents' children were still at school, we used to welcome new year. My mom woke us up at around five or ten minutes to midnight. We all were together in living room. We started the ceremony when we heard the ring of the church's bell. My…


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Black Holes

Hello everyone

It has been a long time since I wrote something here. I really miss writing here and sharing stuff with you. For long time I have been trying to find a book makes me want to read, and after buying various diffrent typs of books I found my favourit book that called how science works. This book discusses diffrent phenomenas and explaine them in a simple way.

Today I read about black holes and I already heard about this phenomena before but i know nothing…


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writing challenge: My Best Companion in 2018!

Okay, first I would like to say I really liked Onee's this challenge. So, let's  see who was (still who is) my best companion in 2018.

Believe me it is MyEc ( My English club)! Yes, MyEc was my best companion in 2018. I came here now and then when I felt to come and of course, when I had some free time. I read blogs here, wrote some blogs too. I did chat, I have got some great friends who were  so supportive to me. I got chance to know about different cultures, life style, even got…


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What is the difference between remote team and staff augmentation?

What to do when you need to increase your productivity but don’t want to go through long-term recruitment campaigns? If it sounds familiar, I'm sharing my interview with custom software development compnany, NCube, you probably want to make a strategic step of which corporation type would work best for you. Let’s talk about alternatives such as remote teams and staff augmentation.  



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Writing Challenge: Best Thing in 2018

Hi everyone! :)

New Year of 2019 is near. What are your wishes?? How did you feel along the year of 2018?

Do you have any memorable moment in 2018? What is your best accomplishment in 2018? Do you have great concern with something in 2018? Who is your best companion/ college/ friend in 2018? What about your best…


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My Speech On The Topic: Importance Of A Mother In Our Lives (with voice recording)

Reposting with voice recording which I forgot to upload.
I participated in speech competition on the topic: importance of a mother in our lives) 

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She will be loved and so will I

She Will Be Loved…

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Wishes for christmas to all my friends.

I hope this night you are with your loved ones pleased and happy.

drink to your health and share nice unforgettable moments.

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Tonight is like yesterday. I remember I wrote my article about 2018. It was entitled (Proactive Approach). I was always optimistic about the New Year. Meaning to say, it would be better than the previous one. For nineteen twenty or rather twenty nineteen, politically, I can imagine that many political settlements are underway.

The battle against terrorism is doing…


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After Me!

She turned in complete gloom after me

Dresses in black, always after me.


Brought lamp and flowers on my grave…


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°•● My Electric Finger ●•°

     Ones of the most obvious side effects of my excessive and addictive use of my cell phone , is developing my own electric shock .

As an outcome of my long hours of cyber loafing . My body have been filled with electricity from head to toes for a while .

       Notoriously , that was clear whenever I shaked hands with people or touched anyone . Electricity is there and it is flowing through my skeleton like a circuit. 

       Thus , I decided to abandon my…


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My Junior High Silver Reunion 23/12/2018

Here is one candid camera in my school yesterday. We really had fun and even though not all came that's alright. There will be new opportunity and I'll be the class secretary next year reunion...

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7 Shades of Catriona Gray

The recently concluded Miss Universe 2018 which was held in Bangkok, Thailand has brought wonderful news to my fellow Filipinos as the newly crowned lady is from the Philippines. Her name is Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray. She’s a Filipino-Australian, born in Cairns, Queensland but decided to live in the Philippines and made a name for herself…


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English is more enjoyable by using " Three words in one plus "

 Dear  readers,

On this occasion  I want to tell you  How to  make the beginner learners  learn English more enjoyable. Don't forget to write comment  after reading my  simple experience, OK ?

As a second international language English is not easy  to learn by young students, because  it has many  ways how to  use this  strange  language. I think  the most readers agree with me, especially teachers  this subject is very  horrible  for them. They find  some difficulties such as:…


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Forty Ways to Be Creative


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Wrong Impression

People always think that I am arrogant and selfish when the 1st time we met. Well I act that way to people who misjudged me. As a bipolar caregiver I am already healed but they still think I am a little bit crazy. So what? Crazy in fun way is allowed right? Work hard play hard that is my slogan... What about yours? Do people have wrong impression about yourself???

Added by Rina Evalinde on December 20, 2018 at 8:17 — 5 Comments

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