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October 2016 Blog Posts (144)

Rewrite Tool

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Added by Morgan Parkes on October 31, 2016 at 18:30 — No Comments

Handwriting Speaks - - - Is it True???

Hi Everyone....

As everybody (Except few Members, I am eager to see their Handwriting.. ^_^) have participated in Handwriting challenge started by Luci.. I really enjoyed and like handwriting of everyone and I am also…


Added by ELF-Noor on October 30, 2016 at 18:30 — 33 Comments

The truth about life on earth

LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeing away.

Psalm 39:4 (NET)

I am here on earth for just a little while. Psalm 119:19 (TEV)

Life on earth is a temporary assignment. The Bible is full of metaphors that teach about the brief, temporary, transient nature of life on earth…


Added by Joseph on October 30, 2016 at 15:00 — No Comments

Kill your fear of talking is BACK!

Hello guys,

let me just announce that my group KILL YOUR FEAR OF TALKING



Added by Luci on October 30, 2016 at 14:00 — 17 Comments

My New Literary Contest: a Short Thrilling Story; Let's Discuss Your Writing and Choose the Best.

My dear friends! I am really happy to see so many replies to my last challenge! Many of your stories are very good. This time you haven't been limited with some special vocabulary, but, to my great surprise, some of your stories are flat and drab. Some of them miss culmination, some miss rapidly moving events, some of them were expected to express a great idea but the authors…


Added by Danny Clark on October 30, 2016 at 14:00 — 18 Comments

The Monster(s)

Inspired by Ada's recent blog; this is my scary story:

Mom and dad say they have to take back Wendy to the institution again. They say it's for my own good. During the week that she's been home; things started to get weird. I heard Mrs.…


Added by A738a on October 30, 2016 at 13:00 — 21 Comments

Can You Solve It?

Hello there.. 

I'd like to share with you one of the problems which I read once in A problem solving book.. I wonder if anyone knew it, and subsequently could answer it.. 

Now, see the circles on the right side. It is required to cross these…


Added by AG on October 30, 2016 at 7:42 — 33 Comments

Be Grateful in Rich and Patient in Poverty

Money is a ‘mean’ to an end. It is meant for use, but then only the right use of it leads to satisfaction, while the misuse of it leads to misery.  Money is not for hoarding, but for fulfilling the legitimate needs and requirements of the owner as well as to help others (poor and needy) to satisfy their due necessities. It would be considered unwise if it is squandered away in unnecessary trifles or harmful…


Added by Mishaikh on October 30, 2016 at 7:30 — 17 Comments

Keep Calm and Scary on!

My roommate Tomy’s funeral was today. I was so tired after the funeral, I came home had a shower and went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door, It was Tomy standing by the door and  says' I forgot to get my phone’. I fainted!…


Added by Adaline Bala on October 30, 2016 at 0:30 — 21 Comments

Answer to your Blog :,(

This is in line with what Luci's blog said, and it is my pleasure to answer her blog with another blog...


As reading your blog, I'm listening to our Ang Dating Daan program, on youtube, a person asked Bro. Eli Soriano, the question is…


Added by Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on October 29, 2016 at 18:30 — 9 Comments

British Summer Time

The sun wouldn’t rise fully until 10am in some parts of Scotland in Winter and the dairy farmers who wake up before 5am would have to work for hours in the dark. Construction workers who need sunlight to perform their jobs would end up having to work later into the evening. Many people couldn't cope with the cold…


Added by Adaline Bala on October 29, 2016 at 17:00 — 24 Comments

Ooppss... I missed my pregnancy!

Like you all I am just a normal (don't dare to doubt it) human being and of course there are many things that get on my nerves. Let me share one of them, which makes me everytime I come acroos it little bit insane and is definately on my top ten list! Well... some days ago it happened again, when I was reading on the Internet a story of the woman from the USA - mom of three kids, who had strong pain,…


Added by Luci on October 29, 2016 at 16:18 — 11 Comments

QUICKFIRE: Sauté Corned Tuna :)

It's very obvious that this is a normal meal for those who belongs to lower class like me, and my week isn't complete without this. :D. Actually, this cooking lesson has a different twist. Would you agree with me that cooking is like a love story?:) Never heard? Or maybe you're unaware that these two procedural art are almost the same. :D

Let's start.

1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients as we prepare ourselves for someone who will just come to bother us and will declare a…


Added by Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on October 29, 2016 at 12:00 — 10 Comments

A story that started with a glass of milk

If you're happen to be a movie buff and/or a hardcore fan of the cinema; lemme tell ya, we're gonna be thick as thieves. Now, I have always been partial to details and the ability to build whole lotta stories out of tiny little things which no one…


Added by A738a on October 29, 2016 at 6:00 — 16 Comments

Dream Dreaming

This is one of the stories I had submitted for Danny's writing challenge : Short story. I post it here after Tanya corrected it so you readers can feel the real thrill. I really glad when she said this is one of the best in her opinion^^ 

I was sleeping on the sofa when mom woke me up and asked me to move to my room because we had guests. I did what she said and went straight to my bed. I fell asleep and woke up again, looked at myself in…


Added by Peppo on October 29, 2016 at 2:11 — 2 Comments

Cookin' fast an' fresh (?) with A738a Part II

Hiya, folks!

What's happenin'?

In case you forgot, down below are the links for Part I and some easy as pie - no pun intended- dessert recipes.…


Added by A738a on October 28, 2016 at 18:30 — 5 Comments

This is a hero

It’s so pleasure to post this blog that I awakened my memories about my buddy soldier who sacrificed his life for the country in the war field year 2009. Though I was able to spend more time at your cemetery last year, I will be unable to do the same this year as I’m not in the country for attending your seventh commemoration. So that, I post this for you with my…


Added by GKSA Kumara(Sam) on October 28, 2016 at 10:53 — 6 Comments

Hello everyone

I like to learn about English and other things. I want to meet new friends and learn to chat here.

Added by yatabe on October 28, 2016 at 10:45 — 7 Comments

He Was From Other Species:

It is on the motivation of Danny's New Writing Challenge: "a Short Story"

He Was From Other Species:

He was my roommate.  His name was Abdul Samad.  He was very intelligent as well as handsome. He had a very charming personality.  He didn’t have many friends,  We sat together in the classroom, we had our…


Added by Mishaikh on October 28, 2016 at 8:30 — 16 Comments


In August 1914 Lt.Harry Colebourn purchased a young bear cub for $20 at a train stop in Ontario, Canada. Colebourn named the bear ‘Winnipeg’ Winnie’ for short, after his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Colebourn brought Winnie to England. Before leaving for France Colebourn left Winnie at the ‘London Zoo’. Winnie…


Added by Adaline Bala on October 27, 2016 at 19:30 — 11 Comments

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