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Culture makes people understand each other better. As part of celebrating different culture we all cooked our culture food and took it to work place and shared it with our friends. While we all were eating, suddenly one of my colleague has gone ill. Her face was swollen, she showed signs of breathing difficultly and she felt…


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2-                Algiran is to combine both Umrah and Hajj. Meaning to say, when you make the intention at migat, you say,       ( labayka Allahuma Umrah wa Hajjah ), it means, oh Allah I am answering your call for Umrah and Hajj.  In this type of Hajj, the pilgrim does not take off his Ihram after he finishes Saai.  Saai  is performed once because of the intention of the combination. Here, the pilgrim must also make…


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Once I wrote a story in response to Tara's Writing challenge "Story on numbers" taking the ingredients from  The Giant Storymaker.  

I chose number 21 and wrote a story THERE IS NO LOVE WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY:…


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It's my short story

I'm afraid of heights. So I don't want to get on the airplane. When I get on the airplane I get very stressed and I feel very bad myself.Also I get excited too. I'm thinking the airplane will crash after take off.I try to forget it every time but I don't do it.In fact I read a lot articles for about afraid of heights beat.These articles didn't benefit to beat my afraid.So I don't know what can I do.What's your advice?

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sad story

I hate people who sheating using a sad story about themselves why you can't keep you are tragedy for your self.

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Easy Tips for Writing an Outstanding Reflective Essay

An effective reflective essay always provides the reader with serious concern that could be an emerging matter associated with the community or society. If you have been assigned a reflective essay project by your teacher then choosing a real life experience is necessary to convey its real life importance to the reader. You must select a real life event you know or have experienced, instead of integrating simply unclear discussion.

A reflective essay starts with topic introduction…


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There are three types of performing Hajj.

1-      Atamattu

2-     Algiran

3-     Alifrad

Atamattu  is to perform umrah during the months of Hajj. And when Hajj is due, its rituals must be performed.  Almutamtii (the pilgrim who…


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It doesn't matter

Something about curiosity bugs me every night. Cant sleep in order.  Feel anxious being around people. Spending hours after hours in front of my laptop, coding something just to make me feel satisfied. every line of code that does not come into successful output will not make me feel relax. "I have to get it done [i heard that voice every time in my head]". I dont…


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The Woman

  My opinion about her she's safety since ever , tenderness , tenuity , fineness and fragility I want add one word sometimes she's tenacity if she's right or wrong so I think sometime she need to attention 

she's my mother , sister , kinswoman had a great role in my life . I know what mean of safety and tenderness by mother from early age .....

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I fell in love with photography

I fell in love with photography some months ago and as a devoted amateur, who knows nothing but wants everything, I decided to purchase a digital SLR camera to make my dream come true. It took me a lot of effort and energy to persuade my husband, that it is the best investment ever... but eventually believe it or not - I succeeded!…


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Just a Poem


We may not be perfect but we know that we could

                                         At least try

To fix the words unsaid half phrases misunderstood

                        And then we cry….

We may not be happy but we know we would…


Added by Helena on September 11, 2015 at 16:35 — 9 Comments


Yesterday night we attended a wedding party. It is of one of my family 's dear friend. So we were exciting and eager to join.

My mother, I, my sister and her little daughter came to the party. We made up, wore beautiful dresses. So we all looked beautiful.

In the party we met many acquaintances. It was pleasure to say "Hi", "Hello" and asked them "How is it going on?". We had a joyful dinner.

At the end of the party, at the room 's door, my mother met her old second… Continue

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This Ain't Just a Blog

Have you heard or read the word 'ain't'? This topic has been troublesome to English learners.

What is ain't?

The word ain't (informal) pronounced as /'eɪnt/, is a conjugation of 'be' (am, is, are) or has and have verbs + not. So those verbs are…


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human relatinships

Human relationship is one of the complicated matters in our life. Some people are born with social intelligence. they can deal with any one and can deal with him well.others can learn the art of the communication . But there are some people who cant get  along with people. People cant understand or feel them. they cant make closed relationships. They maybe don't care but some times they feel…


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Did I hurt him??!!!

Hi everyone!

It's almost a long time since someone has been interested in me... I mean he loves me... but I think it's better to say he loved me... 'Cos I don't know if he loves me anymore...

But I was not the girl he thought I was...I couldn't do what he wanted me to do...

So, today I told him a sentence:

"To stay forever, you have to go! Sometimes to someone's heart and sometimes from someone's…


Added by Niloo on September 11, 2015 at 8:30 — 9 Comments

Month of The Independence

Hi, everybody. This month we celebrate The Day of The Independence of my country that is 09/15/1821. During this month there are a lot of cultural activities. I live in a small town near the city and every year, one day before the main date, people go to another city. This trip is very fun. Last year I went with my brother's school. Usually schools go to attractive places in my country like beaches, aquatic parks, and tourist attractions. We went to an aquatic park outside  of the city near…


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A Sweet Little Love Story!!


We met, we smiled, we laughed, we shared, we cried, we fought, we loved, we struggled and one day we separated, but our hearts never stopped beating for each other. We struggled, we loved, we fought, we shared, we…


Added by Anah Sid © on September 10, 2015 at 21:43 — 29 Comments

You think you are safe? [You are not!]

You know people have been very endorsed by the IoT (Internet of Things), which are in many different forms. But i am focusing in social media particularly. Things about being existed in social media is not really wrong, but most of the people dont really realise about their safety.

well, maybe you are not really getting into what i am mentioning here…


Added by Anonymous on September 10, 2015 at 20:37 — 7 Comments

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