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May 2012 Blog Posts (82)

My House

I'm planning on moving house (that isn't a literal translation by the way, it means I do the moving - not the house).

I have a nice house, but it's far too big for me and not situated anywhere near to my friends or family. Lots of people have asked me what a house in England looks like.

I thought I would show you my house, but I would really love to see the inside and outside of yours.

Lounge …


Added by Ali on May 31, 2012 at 13:15 — 6 Comments

The Olympic Torch

This is a short video of when the Olympic Torch passed by my house today.


 It was an exciting day, lots of people lined the route. It was a sunny day and everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves.

I hope the video works on…


Added by Ali on May 30, 2012 at 20:00 — 9 Comments

Voice blog #8: They are more than just pictures!

write what you like

draw in any shape that you want …


Added by Grace on May 30, 2012 at 13:30 — 8 Comments

The Most Popular Question

Do you ever hear people who asking what’s the meaning of life?


While this is a potentially good question, this question also indicates that the people aren’t happy with his/her current life, because as we know it, happy person rarely asks about something like that.


The question about the meaning of life has been brought up by tons of people, including me.…


Added by Theresia Septi on May 30, 2012 at 11:16 — 4 Comments

Light and Dark Theory!

Me: Do you know how many faces a coin does have? – asking to Radha.

Radha: That’s a simple question, 2 faces.

Me: No! It’s not.…


Added by Sandeep on May 30, 2012 at 6:00 — 38 Comments

My plans for the future

Hi EC,

Long time no see~

And now, I'm back for continuing my English study, improving some social skills, and making more friends all over the world ^_^!

I'm going to tell you my plans for future. It's nothing but it can remind me to make them come true and support me to do that. Cuz I'm so lazy and I cant maintain anything for a long time T_T.....

My plans for the future ....

  1. Prepare a (quite) good background for the TOEIC…

Added by Katie Huang on May 30, 2012 at 4:30 — 2 Comments

Busy, busy, busy

I'm sorry if you missed my blog; life has been so hectic lately, I just haven't been able to find the time to write one.

The kind of things I have been doing could make an extensive list. I've been to parties, away with  friend for the weekend, I've been busy doing the voluntary work I so enjoy and I have been looking for a new house.

I think that I have found the house of my dreams, it is by the coast and beautiful to look at. It has lots and lots of rooms, but it is situated…


Added by Ali on May 29, 2012 at 13:33 — 3 Comments


For :Every Star Members 

From : One member here called (Reliance KH)

   Really you did hard works to be stars and you brightened our mind with a lot of beautiful gifts from nice comments and wonderful cards beside your helpful works to give us more ideas to be stars like you.You should be proud of yourself because we become so grateful when we have  great friend like *Star* as you are. 




Added by Reliance kh on May 29, 2012 at 9:25 — 11 Comments

Happy 1 Year Old Birthday

Last 27th May 2012 was my twin cutes nephews first year birthday. We had a simple celebration for my nephews, some close relatives come to say happy birthday to my beloved nephews. We had a "Akikahan" on that day (it's Islamic tradition). After "Akikahan" my sister in low brought the cake out and we sang…


Added by sanggee gultom on May 29, 2012 at 8:30 — 17 Comments

Awakening the English abilities

I studied English any months in an Institute on 2002. That happened many years ago. However, I used the learned abilities to search information in English for my final thesis of the university; in that process I developed skills for reading and writing.

In these recent years, I didn't practice English, but I don’t think I've forgotten completely this language. At…


Added by Carlos on May 28, 2012 at 16:00 — No Comments


Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was created on 28 may 1918.Azerbaijan Republic have been founded by Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh.Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was the first independent democratic republic in the Moslem Orient and Democratic Republic was the first parliamentary republic in the Islamic world.Election right have been given to women for the first time and it has secured women equality and it has secured women equality.Our 3 coloured flag have been accepted 9 November in…


Added by Fidan on May 28, 2012 at 8:50 — 1 Comment

A blog with errors and errors

Really these are no errors, they are symbols of learning.

Today, I've returned to this site. As you can see, I've stayed here on 2009. Since this date have happened many things, and one of this things is that my english has deteriorated. For this reason you can see these errors in my writing.

However, I'm going to recover the lost time and improve my english through blog and my page.

I will pleased to recieve any…


Added by Carlos on May 28, 2012 at 4:22 — 2 Comments

The wish everybody has

What is common for everybody of us?

I think if you are an idealist or a person who does'n want to act

or is afraid of acting and be active in this life you try to make someone

look like you with your thought expressed in writting or…


Added by Jokonda Baskerville on May 27, 2012 at 12:00 — No Comments

National food-Dovga

Dovga is one of the national food of Azerbaijan cuisine.We must use freshest yogurt and greenery for dovga.Dovga should be prepared with chickpeas or without chickpeas.

Ingredients:1/2 cup dried chickpeas(soaked in water overnight),2 bunches chopped coriander,2 bunches chopped dill,2 bunches chopped spinach,1 bunch mint,1 bunch parsley,3 cups yogurt,4 cups water,1 table spoon flour,1 egg,1/3 cup round rice,salt.

At first mix yogurt,flour,egg untill smooth.Then add rice and…


Added by Fidan on May 26, 2012 at 9:00 — 3 Comments

Written English is as important as Spoken English

In todays  context  there is much demand in spoken english  be it for studies , job  prospect and fo r the advancement of ones communication with the outside world , be it  busniess , professional  or entertainment or communication 

Having  a rapid course on speech or  being  able to acquire  it  through various  sources  is alone  not  enough . I feel importance in  th e wrtiten skill is equally…


Added by Nadira on May 25, 2012 at 18:00 — 24 Comments

Over MyEC and Far Away: How Far Can You Go?

I know that I am one of those who feel unlucky about anything. We always complain about how unlucky we are. If the weather is sunny, when we go out, it suddenly starts to rain heavily. But, I also know that I am extremely lucky to have great friends whom I believe would do anything for me. I thank God for giving me great friends in all those rainy days in both offline and online life. Offline life? Yes. You read it…


Added by Yasemin on May 25, 2012 at 18:00 — 55 Comments

Happy Independence Day my Beloved Country (Jordan)

Always in My Heart my Beloved Country ...........May Allah Protect Jordan and my King AbullahII

Added by Reliance kh on May 25, 2012 at 9:42 — 9 Comments

New York City Word Cloud

It's time for another game of Wordle Reflection! I have just returned from a trip to New York City. It was my first time in The Big Apple, and it was very exciting to see this historic city. I've created a Word Cloud of memories (this time I tried a different word cloud tool).If you're interested in learning all about my trip, come and play along!…


Added by Tara Benwell on May 24, 2012 at 18:30 — 56 Comments

An Engineer in Hell :-)

An engineer dies and reports to the pearly gates.  St. Peter checks his dossier and says, "Ah, you're an engineer -- you're in the wrong place." So the engineer reports to the gates of hell and is let in.  Pretty soon, the engineer gets dissatisfied with the level of comfort in hell, and starts designing and building improvements.  After a while, they've got air conditioning and flush toilets and…

Added by Shella on May 23, 2012 at 20:25 — 2 Comments

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