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important to your health

Answer the phone by LEFTear
Do not drink coffee TWICE a day
Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm
Reduce the amount of TEA you consume
Reduce the amount ofOILYfood you consume
Drink moreWATERin the morning, less at night
Keep your distance from hand phoneCHARGERS
Do not use headphones/earphone forLONGperiod of time

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Today's memo 1

Hi today

I meet you at morning 7 o'clock. After my washing and breakfast, I keep a  good feeling to go school.

At our Lab we work hurry and hurry.

Two things I have done well today: one is that I take a conversation with Natalie sensei about preparations of English Oasis Group which will be opened at next month. another is the teaching of Chinese to Japanese people in a corse.

Today is a busy day, but I am very happy!

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My new words - 1

Actually, please, don't bother yourself reading this blog. This is just my note, consist new words I found or learned today. As I'm trying to remember those words, I will put it here with its sentences...

My hope, if there's any native or anyone who finds my mistake, please correct me, or suggest a more proper sentence. Thanks a lot guys!

1. She is such a reckless girl, hoping the cursory glance she did at her text book could make her pass the exam. Perusal reading…


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Psychology versus Law

A guy asked a girl in a library: "Do you mind if I sit beside you ?”…


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Nikita's 9 Letters to Captain X...2

Dear Captain,

It was a leisure day today and I went to the market when mom left for work. I planned to cook a fine dinner for mom and gave her a surprise. Yet someone else gave me a big surprise!

My ankles were black and blue when I was back home. No,…


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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”― Mahatma Gandhi

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The Value of Education in human's life

Before going to explain what's the value of education in human's life. I wanna tell you What's Education?

According to me, Education is all about getting the things in right way. Education is all about understanding the things. Understanding means; understanding about any particular subject or many subjects.

Now I would like to tell you what's the value of education in human's life. I think, Education improves thinking power, analytic power, decisions making power and of-course…


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Is Your Assignment Covering All Requirements?

Is Your Assignment Covering All Requirements?

Read full article here:

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baran= rain

*****If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa*****

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Love is the antidote of envy

Who has ever get jealous with other people?

There's a painting on the wall of chapel in Pandua, made by Renaissance artist, named Giotto. He depicted envy as a creature with big and long ear, which can hear every bit of news of another's success, but also a tongue of a serpent to poison the reputation of the one of being envied.

And, what's even more interesting from that painting, the creature is blind, because the serpent bite its own eye, and destroying itself with its…


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"you've gotta dance like there's nobody Watching,

"LoVe like you will never be hurt.

"Sing LikE there is nobody listing.

"And Live like it's heAVEN On EARTH.

-William W.Purkey-

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A healthy body, A Healthy Lifestyle Will Result To A Healthy Relationship- ( Be fit with Rob)


"A healthy lifestyles, is never so expensive, but yes it takes a bit of investment". Because of his blogs, leaderships, photo captions he never knew that many people were inspired and follow his some natural smoothie Recipes. It doesn't…


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Tiny approach towards big goal….

A big goal usually is something in the medium future or maybe in the far future.Sometimes the problem with big goals is that in the beginning, it inspires us, it gives us energy and we feel excited, but when things became tough and very difficult, as every tougher achievement behind have challenges. We give up to stay the phase.. because the goal actually hurt us & making feel bad & weak to go ahead for future move, it just feels too difficult and too far, even sometimes it leaves…


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1eojopmjh1wxh oneday by arash

I can see moon and light

Be patient and forget all your sorrows

I see bright future for you

I am still taking care of you

Although I am far from you

One day I'm gonna fly away

One day when heaven calls my name

I lay down I close my eyes at night

I can see moon and light

One day I'm gonna fly away

One day I'll see your eyes again

I lay down I close my eyes at night

I can see moon and light

I am still in love with…


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Are You Lost?


Where are you hiding? Are you lost? Don't you miss us? Boy, you naughty wild monkey!

I've been told you may be banned for your aggressive words. If so, you deserve it and you'd better consider to be a milder monkey and kick off your…


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Is it really difficult to forget?

Does one mistake makes a person bad forever?

Is it really difficult to forget?

The story began something like this:

There were two friends walking in the desert. During the journey, they constantly argued back and forth. At one point, one of them smote another on the face.

The man who got hit on the face suffered injury; but without saying a single word, he wrote in the sand: "Today my best friend hit me on my face".

The two friends continued walking until… Continue

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Reveal your Personality by your sleeping Position ........... !

Friends ,

You Know Sleeping Pattern can reveal your personality .

The position in which you sleep at night, whether it's all curled up in a fetal position or sprawled out across the bed - reveals your personality, Reuters reports of new research from Britain's Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.

Led by Chris Idzikowski, the team has identified six common sleep…


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We had a guest

          We had a guest. This was Japanese named Masa. Living in unstable country like Ukraine we often loose our habits, our history, our spirituality. His visiting us was a great lesson for me. The Life lesson. I felt an emptiness after he had asked me about the history of my town and our local area, we have almost lost it. I lost it either today. Our museum is occused to be locked for holidays. The next day he showed to me a guide book of Ukraine for tourists. That was a moment of true.…


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