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     That day our neighbor came to our house asking my younger brother if he saw her son at school . It was about 4 p.m , and her son didn't arrive at home yet . After a while , we knew that our neighbor boy wasn't the only lost boy in the small town .

My parents headed to the police station to report the absence of their kinds . The police officer notice the similarities between the cases , all the boys were at their 13 , in their first intermediate year , from the same…


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Essay About Technology

Creating An Essay About Technology In The Learning Environment

Essays are a common party of our daily life, we encounter them all the time and we will be required to write many of them on several occasions throughout our lives. They are quite effective at telling a story, transferring information or presenting discoveries to the general public and mastery of this skill can be useful to anyone.…


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Mastering Your Master Dissertation

A lot of students pursuing higher education do not realize that there are significant differences between the kind of dissertations you must write as you continue your college career, such as between an undergraduate dissertation and a master dissertation. To some extent, to the dissertations, essays, and research papers you write in undergraduate school are honing you for what you will experience if you decide to pursue a graduate indication in order to achieve your Master’s degree or your…


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Setting up a Dissertation Proposal

Arguably, writing up a dissertation proposal is much more difficult than writing the actual proposal itself. In any given field of study, there are any number of different dissertation ideas, which can make choosing a single topic for your own dissertation that much harder. You have to be extremely careful when choosing a topic, because naturally, of course, your entire dissertation will hinge on that. If you choose a subject or a proposal which is too difficult, you may never prove what you…


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Have you ever heard of "Moon Cake"?

Today is Mid-Autumn Festivel in China,do you know about this festivel?

The Mid-Autumn Festivel is one of three most improtant holidays that the Chinese people celebrate,second to the Chinese new year. This is a festivel for family get together,it falls on 15th day of 8th lunar month,when the fullest moon returns to the sky.On this day,people eat a moon-shaped dessert called a moon cake.…


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Bet's Funny Story Challenge: How Forgetful I am! :(

Story I

In front of a minimarket.

A friend: Hi Onee!

Me: Oh,,,Hi......!!! [shaking hands and thinking so hard whom I was talking to]

A friend: How are you..??

Me: I'm good. [smiles] What about you?

A friend: I'm very well Onee.…


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An open letter to my ec brother

I met someone here on my ec who made a tremendous impact on me. We spoke only for a few months but it felt like we've always known each other. I want to use this medium to tell him how appreciative I am of everything he has done for me.

Salaam alaik brother, hope you are doing just fine? I pray this letter reaches you in good health. You may not believe it but in those few months that we spoke, my life changed for the better. You drew me closer to my creator. You gave me hope that…


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How to make the students like our teaching


Hj. ERNA EMI,S.Pd ( The teacher of SMP N 2  Gunung Talang  , Solok West Sumatra )


       The process Learning and teaching  will  be success if  there  is  a good relation ship between  a        teacher and the students.  We know  English is not  an interesting subject  for Junior High students ,          so  we must  have  good  ways  to make them  interested about  English material. …


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What is Music for You?

What is music for you? Music is necessary for me and is always in my life. When I listen to the music that I used to listen to in high school, I immediately feel like I have gone back to that time. When I listen to the music that I used to listen to with my first girlfriend, I can feel the emotion I felt at that time. When I listen to the music that I listened to at a particular time, I can remember the emotion and the scenes at that time. We can travel back in…


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As being government employee, there is always an opportunity to avail fully funded scholarship offered by universities in abroad. I have come across some reputable universities of the world offering for scholarship in the  relevant faculty to my career, but subject to having 6 band or plus in IELTS. So, I decided to appear in IELTS test, so as  to avail this offer. When I searched for the best institutions where I could prepare for it, I was astonished to see fees of these institutions…


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(Picture from

Are you able to retain things that you have read or heard easily?  Do you remember what you ate the day before yesterday?  Do you remember what you did every day during your last…


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MyEC is the place where I not only learned English but also made awesome friends from across the globe. I once used to be one of the very active members of MyEC and would spend most of my time here. Then I got busy and stopped logging in to MyEC. However, I have always missed MyEC and my friends that I made here. I'm back now but really disappointed to see that all my dear friends are gone. I wish to meet to them all again. …


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~ 2018 - 16 : Smash Hits ~

My sister has been listening 80s and 90s songs and this particular song stick in my mind for whole week.

Still do.. \(^o^)/ 

and now i would like to share the songs to you... lets the song stick in your mind...

together remember forever.. teehehe

~ Blur ~

This group have major hits songs.…


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nothing is there to replace love with

I never let darkness to get into my soul, its how I keep my love for you alive, even after all those lonely moments I spent after you disappeared, I trained myself to not let die the memories about things happened at the period of our journey together, I just learned to understand why is love above all, and why does it stays still in the hearts even when people are no more together and living their lives alone or with someone else, just coz of the memories…


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Framing, as a theory of mass communication, refers to how the media packages and presents information to the public. According to the theory, the media highlights certain events and then places them within a particular context to encourage or discourage certain interpretations. In this way, the media exercises a selective influence over how people view reality. Anthropologist Gregory Bateson is credited with first positing the theory in 1972. Framing is sometimes referred to as…


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I wish to go in my deep slumber - by Anjana Sharma

I wish to go in a deep slumber........Anjana

I wish to go in a deep slumber

with nothing to ponder

nothing to remember

with nothing to hide

with life just a joy ride

with no wants insatiable

with no dreams unachievable

lost in love drowned in solitude

adorned with smile immersed in gratitude

I wish to go in a deep slumber

where unspoken words heard

where prayers answered

where my beloved could feel the touch

where… Continue

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When you have lost the you within you Anjana Sharma

Do u ever feel that you or someone very close to your heart has actually lost his/ her true nature or identity and are somewhere lost amidst the world of stress and screwed sensibilities of the world around. If yes, then dear all its time to heal that soul before it is forever trapped in its distorted version of self. Change is indispensable and of course inevitable in nature but if the change changes deforms our basic entity as a pious, happy, caring and loving individual then its time to… Continue

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I'm all yours

Come closer let me hug you tight and whisper in your ear  "I'm all yours" hold your head straight and look in my eyes and let me show you the new world of love deep in my eyes, rest your head on my chest and let yourself feel "you" in my heart beats, after all this if you feel being really loved then congratulation as you have entered into the world of love, where you will experience all the sheer passion of love, romance, care, and will find your self over the horizons ............  

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If you are ever on CNN

Actually, if you are ever on any international TV. Here’s my advice. Keep your mouth shut. Until they ask you a direct question. Don’t answer hello. Don’t answer goodbye. Just answer any direct question.

Why do I say this? Because of...


International TV like CNN is not simultaneous. There’s a time lag and if you open your mouth to answer hello or goodbye it invariably comes at the wrong time. Net result: you just look...


Please keep your…


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My Not So New Hobby

I'm watching you!

Some of you might have already known that I love gardening. I consider this activity as one of my fun-tastic hobbies. When we get involved in growing plants and edibles, we discover new things that make gardening an endless yet fulfilling activity. Part of…


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