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Goodbye, everyone.......... I wish if I could say more but I know nothing will change even if write millions of words here........but I know silence says a lot............. I'm just leaving not to be called bad...........I'm just leaving to protect my personality which is not how it's judged here........... I'm just leaving not to bother and not to be bothered...............bye bye stay blessed and keep healthy ...

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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is one of the most important human rights. How to know a way whether freedom of speech is secure or not boils down to whether the citizens of a country can criticize the most influential person there or not. I think freedom of speech is relatively secure in Western countries, because they can see, read and listen to a lot of criticism of their president or prime minister.

On the other hand, there…


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Homo sapiens, meet homophones! XI

Hey folks!

When do you usually hit the hay?

Do ya like mussels?

You do? Yuck! Make a muscle.

Let's see them biceps!…


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My thoughts about this globalized world

An expression has been catching my interest while I was reading and commenting on Tam's post "What decides which country you belong to?".


We all often use this expression. "What does mean the globalized world in my understanding?", thought I.…


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I viewed that way!

I always think that way.... people who love the outdoors, traveling, going out lots, they are who feel caged, discomfort, they wanna get out as quickly as possible, run away from what seems constant for them, and on the other hand, people who love staying home, being at home, and enjoying the indoors, they are definitely those who don't afraid of being  alone, they feel free from anything to an extent where they reach the point changing places, or traveling…


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The love beyond limits........

The love beyond limits is craziest, pure and brave, we often fall in love but not every one of us feels it deep in our souls, mostly the love is scared, afraid and confused, all these elements make it suffer, and when love suffers it makes people think a lot about love's negative effects and for this reason they feel insecure falling in love completely, it is like one is driving a car with busted tires so the car is driven not smoothly but forcefully......



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forgive me

Forgive me if I go beyond limits, if get deep in your heart just forgive me, it's my nature to get angry for little things, forgive me if it happens sometimes, forgive me if dedicate to you my emotionally written writings, I feel like dying while you are away, if I die without you forgive me, my love,.....

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Writing Challenge On some idioms of Your Choice:

Try to write a short story using some idioms of your choice, which you may find from the source (as provided by Sir Joe Essberger):

You can also use the base word Water as I have done in my previous blog.

 Steer your thoughts, feelings, and ideas put the words on the canvas giving them a…


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The fall has come

When I left my house this morning, I was again delighted by the beauty of the fall colors.

Actually, the temperatures are more like summer than fall. We have still about 25 degrees, more or less. That is unusual for October here in our region.

When the sun shines on the leaves of the trees, it seems as if nature has been painting everything in blood-red and…


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I didn’t know that I was getting into hot water while I declined her chat call.  She got angry and pointed me out that how out of etiquette my attitude was.  She also said though blood is thicker than water, but friendship is also important and it is sometimes proved not blown out of water.  I was really dead in…


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Real Life Story

Lately, I fell into the trap of being judgy.

I judged someone, so harshly that, he started to feel pain. I didn't know that I was causing that pain and it's my responsibility to ask for forgiveness.

I shared the story with my family, probably intended to view myself as free-from…


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want to talk someone

Someone interested in speaking English. My level is intermediate and I live in Brazil. UTC -4. I can talk 5 to 7 or 10 to 12 pm Brazil times.

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Title doesn't matter as long as the content serve its purpose

We sometimes get bored,

I understand that, as human, we prone to that, quite frequently, So, when that mood kicks in, we feel a strong argue to leave, whether to leave  a person, a country, a home, even the whole world and at that point, we just wanna do it, so we do it right away.

I love change because change is a must to survive, to start a new journey.

I find myself a lot when I change, from time to time, when I feel the need to track my direction to another…


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The Challenge of Acronyms

An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word.

Some common acronyms are: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), POTUS (President of the United States).

Government agencies and QANGO or QUANGO (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government…


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Hi guys

Hi guys... this is first time

Introduce, My name is Wulan

I live in Rangkasbitung, Indonesia

I want to learn english

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The love and friendship can survive every disaster, but there is something can break them into pieces..........and it is a misunderstanding.........if the journey looks good then think about the destination, but if the destination looks good then should not care how difficult is the journey, when the life is good friends know who you are, and when the life is down you know who are the friends......and when the love at it stream everything seen good and positive…


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What decides which country you belong to?

Osaka Naomi is a 20 year old tennis player who has a Japanese mother and an American father from Haiti. She won the U.S open in 2018. She was born in Japan and her family moved to Florida when she was 3 years old. She could have played tennis as an American player, but she didn't do it. She plays tennis as a Japanese player. I have …


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Improve Your English: Avoid These Common Mistakes

As an English teacher and teacher trainer in Pakistan, I’ll admit that many times I have a lot of trouble understanding my students. Indian-Pakistani English has developed into its own unique dialect over the years, and although the Desi population may understand each other perfectly, speakers of standard dialects may be left completely befuddled. Improve your English and make sure you’re understood by avoiding these common mistakes.

Word: hotel 



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Sleepless nights

The untold story of sleepless nights, the ones we never share, the ones that only share to specific people.

Actually that story defines you, no matter how u have been all the day when the bucket of emotions gets overflowed that give birth to an unknown writer.

You need not to be good at it, all you need is to be pure at heart  ... Mark my words  it will certainly going to lower your burden!  NOT applicable to all but may be helpful . Keep smiling   keep surfing ... 

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Their is a lot of things now a days which makes trend on the entire Internet either Facebook or instagram or any other social site.

People take it so seriously like if they don't follow it they will go in oblivion. But as far as i am concerned i never followed any of them, that doesn't mean i am out of the league and that doesn't affect me a bit. 

So this post only a reminder for people who think that this world only accepts u if u follow the trend, please don't think like that…


Added by maximus potato on October 9, 2018 at 19:06 — 4 Comments

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