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Woke Up Like This!

My sunflower, after nights of anticipation has finally awoken. This is an early morning shot!Kindly read my story blog, the link is provided below... Thank you!
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  • Thank you for your greetings, Robbie!

    Best wishes to you too! )))

  • Hello, Eva!

    Shh... I poked her to wake up but she didn't want to. She's more of like peeking out a bit to the surroundings whether there's a prince charming by her side he he...

    Thank you for commenting! Have an enjoyable midweek ahead!


  • Hi, Hurieh!

    Thanks a lot! That's something nice to remember me by or the MyEC he he.

    Have a great midweek ahead!


  • Hello, Svitlana!

    You're welcome! I'm sure if Roman is around, he would agree with you. It's lovely to know Ukrainians love sunflowers! It's no wonder the plants are superflowers! They are totally popular everywhere. :)

    Thank you for your comment! Have a fun-filled midweek ahead!

    Greetings from the Philippines!


  • Hi, Onee!

    Indeed! For me, the first bloom of the plant is significant. Thank you for approving and featuring this photo. I appreciate it a lot!

    Have a pleasant midweek ahead!


  • Robbie,

    Early morning shot, yeess, it seems like Sunflower is not completely awake yet :)

    Very nice share, thank you. 

  • A good shot. I took a screenshot for my wallpaper.

  • Hi, Robbie!
    Wonderful flower. Thank you for sharing this beauty.
    In Ukraine we have them a lot. We use it in agriculture and produce sunflower oil.
    Also Ukrainians love to eat sunflower seeds. )))

  • Wow!!! What a great shot, Robbie!

    It really likes it is waking up. So cool and still greatly beautiful! 8)

    Thank you for sharing. 

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