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Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset
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  • So beautiful scenery dear.

    Really I'm speechless!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    (This is one of my country places, I got it from google)2644063949?profile=original

  • @Roman  With pleasure! 

    @Eva   Thank you! At first, I just focused on the sunset without paying much attention on the color on my phone, but after home it did surprise me from the computer. :)

  • Grace,

    This is splendiferously beautiful. Very well captured.

    The color compliments each other so well.

  • Hi Grace! Thank you for the word discription! :)

  • Thank you all for leaving nice comments and liking it. I also like the color gradation. Thanks Onee for this word to describe it. :D

    @Roman   Yes, I agree with your apt analysis! Without the tree, the view might be plain and the subject might not be focused directly. It's a bit pity I am not good at writing poetry. Hope others who is fond of it could try to write. Thank you, Roman! :)

    gradation的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. a gradual change, or a stage in the process of change: 2. (one of) a set of marks showing units of measurement on a jug, tube,…
  • Xie xie mod. Grace! Nice sunset!

  • WOW!!!!

    I love the color gradation. What a great shot, Grace! 8)

  • MMmmmmmm! Very cool! This picture makes me feel good and calm! Gosh, it would be great to stay there right now with a cup of tea!

    And I must admit that tree is a good addition to the sunset, because it helps to focus our look. I am not sure if I describe it correct. I mean that without tree our look can get used to the sky and we will barely be able to recognize the sun.

    Here in Ukraine we say something like "Here we have something that our eyes can get hooked on it"

    Also I like that VERY SOFT color shift from the orange to blue.

    To sum it up, I want to say that this picture could be great even without this tree. But with it picture is poetically beautiful:)

    Thank you for sharing, Grace! Have a charming new week!

  •    It's a great shot up there

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