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Winter In The Village

I just wanted to share this picture here. More pictures with the clouds you can see in this blog:
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  • Hi dear Kal! Awwww... :D I am amazed by your comment:)

    Yes... something great is present in that place on my picture... I also can't express my feelings clear... 

    Thank you dear Kal! Have a pleasant day!

  • Hi Evangelina! :) I knew that you will like it! Thank you!

    Yeees! That silence sounds like the whole nature is waiting. And if you stand there and listen to it, you feel that nature is nit deat under that snow, nature is alive!

    Well... you are right! But I am not a thief to enter the someone's house just to make a picture better:)

    Thank you! Have a charming day!

  • Amazing view dear Roman,

    No words to describe my feelings.

    Really its a great capture!

  • Roman,

    This is really so spectacular view, so beautiful - Landscape covered in a white blanket of snow. Beautifully captured.

    It looks like a post card, and the mood in picture ... So still nature is but somehow awaiting for something, that’s the impression one gets.

    The best thing, is the yellow house, just it would have looked even more beautiful if there were lights in the windows.

  • Thank you AG! I am glad to hear that! :)

  • Wow, looks magical :) 

  • She is a female cat! :D Her name is Pantera or Panterka! But last time I think to rename her:D

    And our cats don't hunt at Winter... They eat what we are giving to them.:)

    And on that picture, she was jumping on the snow and waving her tail and the whole body, you know, how they like to do... But I was to late to catch it. I tried to record the video of her playing, but she climbed a tree :D

  • Oh, black cat in the snow... I doubt he can be a good hunter :P

  • Hi April! Thank you! :)

    Well, if you like it, then welcome to my village!:)

  • stunning! Ive never been in a place with so thick snow. 

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