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Winter Double Rainbow

I took this picture in June 2019. It is winter in my country and I was lucky enough to capture this. Small gifts that life offers at any moment.

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  • I wonder what those structures under the rainbow are! Factory or housing.

    • Houses only, in this city the factories are not so many and they are located outside the city. This area is residential, with many small houses and a coule of schools. 

      Thanks for your comment!

  •    Where is this most beautiful photo taken from ? 

    • This is Osorno, a small city in the south of Chile. 

      Thanks for your comment :)

      •    It's stunningly beautiful  :)

        • Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it 👍🏻☺️

  • Yes, a double rainbow is amazing to experience... but actually I do love more the seesaw on your picture. I feel like sitting down there immediately. Damn, now I just need to wait till somebody else is willing to enjoy life.  :-DDD 

    Thanks for sharing, Pilar :)) 

    • Thanks a lot! It's cool to find somebody that enjoys life as a child! We should meet there and play for a while :D

      Thanks for commenting! 

  • Good capture!

    • Thanks. I felt lucky that day, it had been raining a lot and it was cold. But even cold rainy days can bring surprises!

      Thanks for your comment! 

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