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Winter breakfast

The small round things are called (zalabiya), dumpling or pancake which is good during winter times.
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  • Sub se pahili, bahut shukriya ap mera dost. Thanks for pressing the like button. Don't worry Shekahar, I and the other members will do their best to help you. Can you see my blog, The Wedding and give us your point of view? Thanks!

  • Ni hao Fiona, Email my wife or tell you what? Let me tell her for you. After all, we are friends. What are friends for? Thanks for your nice comment!

  • it looking good  i like it  hope  one day i can try it  in real 

  • Khaili mamnoon! Alhadulilah, I am lucky to to find an educated friend like you. Mashaa Allah, you are a Wikipedia. The members of the club will benefit a lot from you. Many thanks!
  • Yes Brother! we call okra, "Bamiyah" too.

    actually here we have two things with same names!

    So we usually use "bamiyah" for okra.

    then for talking about those sweets, we use them together: "Zulbiya & Bamiyah".

    Zulbiya & Bamiyah (Sweets) Bamiyah (okra)
    2643819876?profile=original 2643819976?profile=original
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  • My Pleasure (^_^)

  • Ajeeb! We say bamiyah for okra. You always provide a good explanation with pictures. Thanks, my dear good friend!

  • Ah, looks delicious.

    As you can see in the following image,
    We have same sweets in Iran (zalabiya) or in Persian "Zulbiya".

    we call those sweets that are like plates, "Zulbiya".

    also we call those sweets that are like balls, "Bamiyeh"

    We usually eat these sweets in the holy month of Ramadan at Iftar meal (Breakfast).

    2643819624?profile=original 2643819663?profile=original 2643819596?profile=original 2643819645?profile=original
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  • Bisaha wa raha ya sewar! Anti taamuri wa zawjati tanafith. I will tell my wife to make something
    urgent for you. I am sorry to make you hungry. This is because you are a sincere person. Thanks for your kind comment!

  •     Mercy......Me.......My.......God!!! I adore such kind of sweets. I can eat them at all seasons. Not only in winter. Really my friend, you made me hungry.........Mercy me God!!!!2643819448?profile=original

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