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Windsor Castle where Queen Elizath II comes & stays for the weekends.What differences are there between Castle & Palace ?
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  • Hi, Notears!

    You are indirectly correct.

    Most of Castles were built as for the fortresses so not easily to be attacked by the enemies, so they were built on the hill or the mountain area or in the middle of the lake, as on a bit higher ground or as to be unreachable on foot, but on the other hand, the palace were built on the surface plane ground, such as on fields next or near to the river, with gardens, live animals, stock-farming & so on. 

    To build for the Castles in those days, I think, was to protect their family or people from the enemy, or to defend themselves from the wicked people, but nowadays they may possibly build something under the ground or underneath the river or sea, somewhere isolating from the world.

  • Hi, rht! I am afraid your answers are not right. Let's wait & see again.
    Thanks for stepping in, anyway!
  • Castle is that building with which a great history is add.
    Palace is highly profile building.
    I m not sure I guess.....
  • Hi, Lucy!

    Hahaha, you are still living in a fairy tale, but you shouldn't give up your hope as you never know what will come up.

    Somebody may know the difference between the Castle & the Palace, until then I am afraid you'd better wait & see.

    Thanks for your comment anyway!
  • wow!!! To me both are amazing, we don't have any of those here, but I wish live in one and have a beautiful dragon how my best friend and a heandsome prince trying to rescue me from the evil king..... hahaha I read the story of many . But you know, really do not know the difference between the castle and palace, sorryyyy.
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