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Wild Spinach

I found this spinach in front of my neighbor's house, near my place.

I wonder how it grows really well.

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  • Beautiful !..

    • Thanks Adriano.

  • I have seen this plants in plenty in my area. These days I rearly see them partly because of lack of open space, partly because of urbanisation. A very close spaces of this plant which is very similar in appearnce with this one is widely used as spinach. 

    • Hello Saheen.

      Just yesterday, I found that there are some species of spinach. This one is the wild big one, and I found that this spinach is edible.

      Anyway, I see a loot like this still grow well on the side road.

      Thanks for comment.

  • I see this plant all the time. I don't know what the name is . It grows almost everywhere I walk through even in concerts crack.  We get rid of them because they were weeds in the flowerbed. For cooking, When it is young, it confuses me whether it is basil or not when I looked at it with my eyes . I have to pick the leave and smell it to distinguish between it and basil . I don't know if it's helpful or toxic to the body if we ingest it. It is a poor plant because I have never seen anyone or animals want it but it also makes the environment looks green and fresh. It is a very hardy plant. When the sun is extremely strong and without water, its leaves are still fresh and green. Even if it accidentally is hit by your feet, it won't die easily.

    • Hello Anna,

      Nice to meet you again. :)

      It's true that it's easy to find this plants everywhere ,even in concerts crack. This plant is also strong, even when it is exposed to the sunlight longer.

      I found that there is an owner for this. :D She watered it everyday. Hahah....

      • Water everyday, I think she loves nature or she is hungry and wants it to grow quickly so that she can cook it .

        • Yes, you are right. They take some when they cook sometimes. If it is me, I will cook it at one time. :D

          Good day, Anna! ^_^

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