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Why BUY 5?

Why BUY 5?
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  • Watching it all again - isn't it about meters? :D just saw the cloth there, which made me think a bit differently :)
  • T&C apply. :D

  • We must come here with some friends or family members, and then everyone buy one. It is benefiting. :D
  • It probably means one person can only buy once, maybe in a day.

    One day in a supermarket, it's big sale for a box of instant noodle. But, one person can only buy two boxes. I wasn't interested with that. Then, someone called me and got me to pay for two boxes more for her. Then she was waiting for me in front of the entrance. :D
  • I want to buy 0 to get 1 :) I guess, advertisers just made mistake...

  • Haha.. I want to buy 4 to get 5 :D but ok I will buy 1 and then 2 to get 5 :/
  • Still don't see the point to buy 5 to get 6. The offer is clear to me or I can't see the 'small print' :)
  • That's what I thought, Muskan, when I saw it. But perhaps we are missing something? Maybe some kind member will enlighten us...
  • So after all just one extra will be added, right?

    Then if I have to buy 6 why I will buy 5 and get one extra, I would rather go 3 times to get just one and will be having BUY 3 GET 6. 

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