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When Partial Lunar Eclipse Ends

Photo was taken on 28th July 2018, at 05.12 a.m., Lamongan, East Java-Indonesia.

Another picture taken at 05.16 a.m. 

Thank you for visiting my gallery. :)

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  • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Sandra. :)

  • *-* So beautiful pics!

    Thanks, Onee-chan! :)

  • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Sweetheart! ^_^

  • Fizzy, LoL.....

    I should have waken you up. ^^ Thank you for your appreciation.

  • Beautiful sweetheart!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • i slept through it .. lol 

  • Thanks, dear Rosemary, Estanis, Maximus, and Ella for liking the picture. :))

  • Dear Roman,

    Yes, it was red. You can also see it in the second picture. The red light shines around the moon.

    Yup, it's my nephew.^^ He grows so fast. :( but of course I'm still taller, lol.

    It's not a skirt. It is sarong. It can be used daily but mostly used for praying. He also wore short that time. We were near the mosque when taking the picture. :)

    Mmm....there is no pond there...^^ It's paddy field. I guess so, but I didn't get the opportunity for it.

    Most welcome, dear Rom. I'm glad you like it. ^_^

    A sarong or sarung (; Malay: [ˈsaroŋ], formal Indonesian: [ˈsaruŋ], colloquial Indonesian: [ˈsarʊŋ], Tamil: சரம், Arabic: صارون, Sinhalese: සරම; mean…
  • Was it really so red, Onee?

    Is this your nephew? The one from the picture, you've shared before? He looks higher than before.

    And why does he wear that skirt? :D Do males wear the skirts in Indonesia?

    And I like that pond. It would be amazing if you caught the Moon reflection on the surface of water!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Oh, you mean supplication.

    I made all time, inshaAllah. ^^

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