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Downpour! I was driving and the flood was approximately 50cm. What would you do if you were me?

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  • Wow... I never drove in such situation but I see you're a good driver so just trust your instinct. 

    • Driving at such a moment felt like being the captain of a four-wheeled watercraft hhhhhhh.

  • Saya takut banjir. Watch out! Don't drive after the rain. Thanks for sharing. 

    • This is a widely known flood area. Only 15 minutes of heavy rain is enough to make 50 cm flood :)))

      Thanks for your kind attention.

  • Same as you, Peony,  driving. Anyway there is no choice if you want to get home )))

    • Hi OM, I was thinking what should I do when I took this pic. I was afraid of car stalling, but I had no choice. I broke through the flood while my right foot pressed the accelerator a bit deep to keep the engine on. I pulled it off in the end.

      • The stalling of the car happens because of the fan belt not the engine as I understand it.  People here used to stop their automobiles and remove the fan belt long enough to drive through the flooded area and then put it back on; not sure it is that easy these days with new cars

        • Maybe you are right. But I do not know what is the fan belt. And where is it located. I know nothing about car parts.

  • find higher ground :).  Car stalling is the biggest risk while driving through it.

    • There was no higher ground around at that time. I could not back down or pull the car over. A long row of cars behind me. No choice, I bravely breached the flood with the car.

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