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What do you think this is?

While waiting for his sister, one of my students, 10 year-old boy, asked me a board marker. This was his work on the whiteboard. Believe me, he didn't imitate any picture around. When I asked him what this was, he answered that he didn't know either. lolWhat do you think this is? Do you think he is talented? ^^Thank you for visiting my gallery.
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  • Dear ELF Noor,

    Believe me, I asked him again two days ago. He answered the same. :D 

    Thank you for your reply. ^_^

  • Onee You should ask from him this question..:x :P

  • Thank you for commenting, dear ELF. I just wonder why he put something to bind its leg so that it cannot move. LOL

  • wow, it is talent..without copying and seeing other image he draw this. Amazing.

  • I finally found the answer..... LOL

    Related image

    This one is zombie boss at the roof. :D :D He just doesn't really remember it. There's only slight difference.

    Thank you so much for your all comments and likes, dear friends. ^_^

  • Hi Estanis!

    Wow! This looks almost similar, just not hairy. DD "Hi, I'm Onee. Nice to meet you, Muzzy!" :))

    And of course he doesn't know about Muzzy from an old TV cartoons. lol

    Thank you so much for your interesting comment, Esta. ^^

  • Hi Mami!

    You're right. Scary robot without neck. hehe...

    Thank you for your comment. ^^

  • It recalls me of Muzzy, a monster of an old T.V. Cartoons who helped the kids to learn English :)


  • Wow! This boy is a great artist! It looks like a robot without a neck☺

  • Dear Ma'am, haaahah...

    The robot put its head on the chest to take a rest. Sounds cool! 8) lol

    Thank you so much for your interesting comment. ^^

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