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When I ride my motorbike and this one is beside me or before me, it will disturb me a bit. As I don't want to get close to this timber lorry or logging truck, soon I will add the speed overtaking it or otherwise. )))

What if the breakdown happens or one of the logs is released and fly ..... just like in a movie....??? Even metals can be defeated by those logs. )))

Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^^

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  • What huge and long logs appeared to my eyes. And from the text, you really care about the safety of the nearby vehicle as well as the truck itself.
    People realized the danger of being closer to it, and your photo and description pushed them to aware of fearing it. Btw I learned a lot of English from your statements. Thanks, Onee.

  • Estanis,

    lol...... Actually, I wanted to cover that licence plate, but I let it be. I think it's fine. :))

    Wow!!! You're such a loyal man who married his girl friend. Sooooo sweeeett!!!! ^_^

    I'd like to tell you that this scooter accompanied me once to kiss the road (accident) for the last time, and NO MORE. :D I had experienced other motorcycles and more accidents. lol. But until now, I'm still using this.

    It's I who would say thanks a lot for your friendship. I know you're such a cool man. :)

  • Hi Zivi!

    Sure, they must have safety plan for that lorry. However, one of a thousand technical system may have human error. We call it destiny, we don't know how it would happen. :)

    "The caution is the mother of pottery" I'm still thinking of the meaning of this, would you mind explaining this? :)

    :D Human's mind always creative.

    Thanks for the cute word for my scooter. ^^

  • Hi Mishaikh!

    Sure, it was that movie. Great movie! Great scene! Great message! isn't it? :)

    Thank you for your nice comment and words. ^^

  • ONEEEE.... you did it!!! Hahahahhh.... Thank youuuu so much :D I love you!

    You have a beautiful scooter, even it looks like it fits you. Ohhh,, is that in front of it the license plate?

    You made me remember my old great times as a greaser, I used to drive a 500 c.c. It was like my girlfriend till my real gf became my wife and broke our relationship :'( Hmmm... now I'm tempted to revive old good times again.

    Thanks again Onee, I appreciate you had the courtesy to show me ;)  I owe you one.

  • Hi Onee, yep caution is the mother of pottery in this case. But I guess those transport company take good care about their hoisting and fixing equipment. Even if they probably would claim it a destiny if them trunks dropped of the lorry. Though it would make them a huge challenge to pile them back and would cost them a lot time and money. Hnece it is in their interest to keep them logs safe on the lorry.

    But as you stated: it is a human attitude to expect always the weird.

    oh and a cute scooter btw.

  • I remember a movie (Final Destination was the name if I am not wrong). The movie was about a character who predicts the accidents. The movie starts with a scene of a Timber Lorry like this a huge one, 18 wheelers.  The lorry was moving on the highway with a speed.  The supporting trips snapped out one by one, now you imagine what would happen. The scene was some time in slow motion.  A very technically filmed and edited scene that was.  

    A very good reminding photo.  Thanks Onee.

  • Here is the picture you wish, Estanis. ^^


  • Estanis, okay...okay. Don't think negative! Safety first, anyway. :D

    Lol.......I have never intended to show my motorbike pic until today. However, I will post it only in the comment on this pic soon. ^^

  • haha.. let's not think negatively, surely the lorry driver and his/her company are professional enough to deliver such load. (Although I might have thought like you if I were there)

    By the way... still waiting for your motorcycle pic  ;)

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