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Themar, my old hometown.

A nice view, isn't it a romantic one?

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  • WOW, 

    just beautiful... 

    • Thanks, ELF-Noor.

  • Hello Tina.
    When I was a child, we were always there for swimming. It was great. I think it is still possible.
    You can paddle on the river, by boat or canoe.

    Bildergebnis für baden in der werra in themar bilder

    Sometimes people build crazy-looking rafts just for fun and a race.




    • Love it so much Rose. I sometimes have a dream to live in that kind of environtment. So beautiful, fresh air, calm ....

      It would be perfect if i could sing at the bank of the river while someone's playing piano. Or I would sing on the canoe while breathing fresh air.  Hmmmmmmm .... a dreamer.

       Thanks for sharing nice pictures Rose. Have a blessed day.

      • Hi, Tina.

        Dreaming is not that bad. We all have dreams, and sometimes, our dreams come true. I don't know which environment you live...but it seems you love singing. 

        We have a German proverb: where songs are sung, there you can calmly settle down coz evil pepople don't have songs.

        Thanks for your nice words and wishes.

        Have a beautiful day.

  • So beautiful. The water so clean and clear. Do people swim in the river? Or is there a boat to travel along the river?

  • Yes, it's very beautiful, Rose!

    And the picture is taken so perfectly that the world and reflection are the same. And a couple of leaves hanging down from somewhere above is the only reminder of which world is real. Amazing!

    • Yes, Roman. A picture that has been taken at the perfect moment. 

      You are a good observer as I can see. You have even noticed the few leaves above.

  • beautiful town... whoaaa... wish i could go there..

    • Welcome, dear Fizzy.

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