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Warming Up

The Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly is warming up and getting ready to conquer the garden.There are numerous meanings of phrasal verb ‘to warm up’, but in this case or photo, it means to prepare for something such as an activity, game, or race using gentle exercises or just before it starts. (MacMillan Dictionary)Here’s couple of idioms about ‘butterfly’.‘butterflies in stomach’ ~ this means someone is feeling nervous (or excited) about something that you have to do especially if it is importantFor example;Mary had butterflies in stomach prior the start of her business presentation.‘gaudy as a butterfly’ ~ this means something is fancy or colorfulFor example;Usra’s gown is gaudy as butterfly. Many designers are inspired by her outfit.Thank you for viewing and learning English with me! To know more about how I raised this butterfly, you may check out my latest blog. I included the link below. :)
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  • Hello my friend.. Fascinating photos, I liked them  all.. Congratulations...We uneducated people do not understand from picturing ,well, since agugust,20.2017 This page has not been seen any comments..

    What an interesting world, we are living !!...Thanks for sharing with ME.. aint with US... !!!

  • Wow,


  • Hi, April!

    Absolutely! Thank you for the comment and for liking this photo. By the way, welcome to MyEC!

    Robbie :)

  • Black Queen of the garden! wow

  • Thank you for liking this photo, Grace, Roman, Alia, Rosemary, Adaline, Lucy, SNR and Likewise! :)

  • Hi, SNR!

    It's nice to see your comment! That's true, black is beautiful. It's a matter of how someone or something carries it! :) 

    Thank you! 

    Robbie :)

  • Thank you for the comment, Lucy dear! :)

  • Hello, Adaline!

    You're welcome! I'm grateful you took the time to read my blog. It was a lengthy one, but I've written it with lots of joy and enthusiasm.

    Thank you and have a great weekend ahead!

    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Rosemary!

    I couldn't agree more! I'm glad you like it! Thanks a lot for the nice comment.


    Robbie :)

  • Aweaome pic!
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