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Wanna jog here?

...on reflexology path. :D :DWell, it is at campus, near my place. Everyone can enjoy walking here with barefoot. Actually it is written for an elderly. However, everyone can walk on this kind of path without considering age but their health.If one feels pain at one part of sole of feet, it seems something is wrong in the body. That is how this reflexology works. Continue do it, until the pain reduced.I tried it, but very rare. It's very enjoying. I wonder if you can walk without feeling pain. I didn't feel much pain for this. :))So, what about you? are you familiar to this? Or you have real big stones area to walk? Thank you! ^^
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  • Dear AG,

    Thank you for liking both ideas. :)) I think you can try this as well. ^^

  • I like both the idea and the photo :) 

  • Have a nice day to you too, Svitlana! ^^

  • You are welcome, dear Onee!

    Have a nice time! 

  • Thank you ella, Oporazita, Adaline, and Kal .. for loving this shot. ^_^

  • Esta, hoo?? Why should I? The one who has an idea do first as an example. :p

    Thank you for your comment. :)

  • Dear Svitlana,

    Wow!!! Are you serious, dear? No one can beat you, Svitlana and Roman. :o Or maybe my feet are just too spoiled and rarely touch real nature. lol.

    Okay...Maybe natural sharp gravel is more challenging there. This one is too easy for both of you. :))))

    There is also a stadium near this place. People often jog there.

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment and like, Svitlana. ^_^

  • Dear Roman,

    Thanks for being happy for my health. ^_^

  • Hmm.. I can't afford to bend my ankle although wouldn't mind to see you there :D

  • Wow. Perfect place!

    I wish I could go jogging there. Now It is the spring time and many people like doing any kinds of exercises ourdoors. One of my favorite hobby is jogging at a stadium.

    Indeed, your area is so suitable for that, dear Onee. Thank you for sharing that. 

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