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Vocabulary: Behind our house

Behind our house is paddy field. There are also fishpond and papaya trees before it. Weeds are always there around. When the harvest time, we usually dry the unhulled rice on the tarpaulin. We use wooden rake to get rid of the remained hay. The used tires there are usually used to play jumping up and down. Have you ever tried that? :)))

This photo was inspired by Tara's photo.

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Happy weekend! ^_^

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  • Hi Sekhar

    Thanks for the question. :)

    Here is the difference between paddy and rice completely.

    In brief, Paddy is the rice grain with husk. Rice is the seed of paddy.

    I found that unhulled rice is more common and I would say....If the paddy is hulled, the result would be rice. So, unhulled rice is more appropriate here.

    Thanks a lot for your note. I'm glad that you found it useful . :)

    Difference Between Paddy and Rice
    Paddy vs Rice Paddy becomes rice after the removal of husk by threshing. Therefore, rice is a part of paddy. There are similarities as well as differ…
  • Thanks for the vocabularies.

    Unhulled rice, tarpaulin are the news.
    First time, I am seeing papaya trees in the rice fields.

    I have a doubt ones, we say rice and paddy, rice is the white grains, paddy is something yellowish grains, then shall we call, unhulled paddy than unhulled rice?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Thank you so much, dear Paula. ^_^

  • I love this idea Onee!!!  Good job!!!!

  • Thank you everyone who like the photo. I'm pleased you like this idea.


  • Thanks a lot, Estanis, for your cool appreciation. 8) ^^

  • Cool sharp teacher... Thanksss! ;)

  • Hi nan,

    Glad that you like it and found it useful.

    Yes, it is. ^^

    Haha.....I just wrote what's on my mind. I just edited it. :D I mean jumping up and down like you jump on the trampoline. :D

    I'm not sure why the tires are put there, it's my father did. When they cannot be of any use on cars, there they goes. :D

    Thank you so much for your interesting comment. ^^

  • Mishaikh,

    Don't make me open my card. I know nothing in the field. Just theory. lol.

    But, yes, in the past, I sometimes help them dry and rake the unhulled rice. Not more than that. :D kind child, isn't it? lol

    We use the crop at home and also sell them to people.

    Thank you for your comment and like. ^^

  • Roman, hmm...

    Okay, I know what you mean. Thank you for your reply. ^^

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