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Villarrica Volcano

Ok, I cheated on this one because it's not from my city but it's really close and I love the place. It has a beautiful lake, the volcano that still has activity once in a while, and all that greenery that can only makes you happy.
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  • Ah, then there is no cheating with the picture! The picture is original! That is what I wanted to know:)

    Thank you for sharing!

  • ROMAN! Oh, it's because I was posting pictures from my city, but this place it's not actually in my city, but a couple hours from here.

  • very soothing to see :) 

  • Hi Ishtar!

    What exactly did you cheat about?

    I like this picture! And especially that amazing white top of the volcano!

    It looks like from another world, like the moon or the  Sun. So far and at the same time it is real!

  •   A wonderful white peak   . It is a charming place 

  • Beautiful! I'd love to spend all day to be there. 

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