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Unfinished Building

I wonder why they don't finish the building. It seems they cancelled the construction for a bit long.

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  • Saya suka gmbar kamu mod. Onee. Isolated places are good for writing books or escaping the noisy life of the city. I like that house.

    • You can say, So. Teacher Dara.

      Great idea! Thanks for commenting. Good day! 


  • Alone and forlorn I stand here due to lack of  funding

    home  for scattered bushes and weeds indeed..

    • I guessed so, same with you, Ma'am.

      What is not fun is the probability of presence of snakes.:|

      Thank you for commenting. 

  • If there's a possibility , it is a wonderful location for renovation of a coffeehouse . There are people who like drinking a cup of coffe in unusual or surprising places :)


    • It would be unusual to drink a cup of coffee there at night. :D

      Great idea!

      Good day, Ana! :))

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Ella,

      Mhmm. ... I wonder then what is the connection between there is no point and we all will die.) ) So, what to do when we are waiting to die....

      Good day!)) 

  • No money , No money !... Economic crisis...

    • Hello Adriano,

      That may be the case. But it's only 30% I guess...

      Thank you for visiting my gallery... ))

  • Yep, good question... maybe they found out that the place/the soil is unsuitable for building a stone house on it, or a flood, or out of money??  
    I don't have an unfinished building, but a lot of unfinished businesses. :-P 

This reply was deleted.