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Two of us till the End

When sat at the bench, I saw a couple of mushrooms on wood. Than i grab my phone, turn on camera, and took a picture.
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  • Halo Mr. Daragino, thank you for your attention. I will see your blog as soon as i have time.
  • Halo Masgareng, aku tak faham kenapa tidak mau melihat blog saya, tindakan ekstrimis dan koment. I hope you visit my page and see The Wedding.

  • @Onee-chan Thank you.
    @noaslpls Thank you.
    @Evangelina Thank you
  • As usual, you managed to capture the essence of a situation. Great photo.

  • Life can be everywhere in the world. :)

  • Sama sama Mesgareng, tetapi saya masih tunggu menabahkan kamu. Can you visit my page again and see The Wedding? Thanks!
  • It,s so nice and uncommon.Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you dara gino
  • Selamat Masgareng. Saya suka photo anda. Silakhan, melihat blog saya, loneng dering. Nice photo!
  • Thank you Grace
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