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Turkey is famous for...

... of course the biggest city Istanbul, vast cultural heritage, hospitality, all kinds of Turkish Kebab, Turkish Coffee, Baklava, Lokum (Turkish Delight) and many other things which are waiting for you to be explored!(Photos taken by Junko and Yasemin)
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  • Rosenmaiden,

    Thanks a lot for your compliments. Yeah... they say I am a spambuster! lol

  • Hello, Yasemin!

    Beautiful collage! You are a real master! :-) Your photos and description are very interesting for me! Thanks! :-) You are a spambuster, aren't you? My congratulations! I wish you a great success!

  • Tarkan! =P

  • Tarkan! ;)

  • @ Grace, Kebab is usually made of beef meat. Under the one on the left there is bread and on it there are beef meat, tomato, pepper, yogurt and many kind of sausages. Inside the one on the right, there are beef meat, vegetable and spices. 

  • What is inside Kebab? It looks yum.

  • OMG!!! I forgot TARKAN! Noooo! :'(

  • @ Foufa, I hope you can visit Turkey. You are welcome anytime! 

    @ Junko, I didn't forget cats. -_- Cats are famous in Iran. If I wrote it, Iranian friends would be angry! lol

    @ Irina, Thanks a lot for coming by.

    @ Nida, Air of Istanbul is waiting for you here. When you come, you can breathe it as much as you wish! =P and thanks. :)

  • Great work!!!

  • Where's "Air of Istanbul"?!!!

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