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There Was A Thoughtful Face.

Anyone who is able to spot that? :)
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  • Hello Fizzy,

    :)) Spot on ... thumps up for you.

  • spot it ^^

  • Mr. Josef,

    Thank you very much for liking my photo :)

  • Hello Kal,

    Yes, interesting cousine and I am happy this made you inspired to make some delicious food for your family.

    I give the dough a half hour before I start making them.

    I hope you would feel like posting pictures :) 

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  •  It looks so pure and yummy. Many thanks for sharing dear.

    Sometimes, when we go out buy butter naan with tandoori chicken. Here Tamil and Muslim shops and restaurants have them. Butter naan has different and interesting taste than other foods. And expensive a little.

    Eva, you inspired me to make them. How many times should keep the rest before baking the mixture?

  • Hello avizhe,

    Yes, butterchicken is a must dish for children, it brings joy, you got that all right :)

    And, Agreed with the rest of your comment as well. Thank you for your nice comment and appreciation.

  • Indeed a fluffy bread or naan,want to taste it though seems yummy... captured nicely... a kiddo expecting something from his mum...!

  • This is for you all,

    Rosemary, SNR, anna, Onee, Mishaikh, NighT, Mr. Dara, Rose, Robbie, ADNAN,

    Butterchicken served with naan

    Bon Appetite 


  • Hello ADNAN,

    Loool, I had to laugh when reading you comment, I didn’t thought of it that way, but slightly I think you might be right.

    You know that was my lucky day, but it is not whole perfectly round.

    Thank you for your nice comment and appreciation. :)

  • Hello Robbie,

    Loool, okay I will be serving for in my comment above :)

    As always when you are around, I get to know knew words, “Famished” is new to me, thank you.

    it is called naan, made of floor, a bit of milk, water, salt and yeast - That makes it soft and fluffy. Yes, actually it can be categorized as bread.

    Thank you for your nice comment and appreciation.

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