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The Timid Sun

It was partly couldy and I ride on an empty road at the village. On the right and the left side of the road are paddy fields, as you can see. It was at harvest time. Being in the middle of this scene, I stopped for a while to take a shot. I also enjoyed the fresh air, closed my eyes and was feeling grateful.

The photo was brighter at the opposite side. :)

Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^_^

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  • Haha, I found this. How forgetful I am! :p

  • Thanks a lot, NotAClue. Me too. ^_^

    Mishaikh, nope. It's a peaceful village. I rode my motorbike with my niece. It is safe there, inshaAllah. Thank you for your nice comment. ^_^

  • Nice and cute view don't you feel any fear riding on such deserted road?

  • Fizzy, thank you for your nice comment and appreciation. ^_^

    Okay, Elen. :)

    Hi O.M.! Really?? Then, this place could be fit as the scene in the movie. Thank you for your comment and appreciation. ^_^

  • Onee, got it! Thank you!

  • cool picture Onee-chan.. i love nature scenery. 

  • Hi Sarah!

    Thank you for your beautiful comment. ^^

  • Thank you for your nice comment and paraphrasing the picture, dear Elen. ^_^

    I was just thinking it was cool. I didn't worry about the storm because it was light cloud. Facing the sun just made the lighting more perfect. ^^

    About adding the photo. To be honest, I use a trick. As the description is in HTML editor, I edit the description in a blog, including adding photo, then copy the text in HTML editor to description. :)

    Hope you got it. ^^

  • Beautiful pictures, Onee :)

  • Nice one, Onee! I like the contrast of the two sides. The first, is a dark photo and you think that a storm or something bad can be happen! :O

    But in the second photo you think the bad thing have passed already and the sky is getting clear :)

    Could you tell me how did you add the second photo? I have tried but I failed :/

This reply was deleted.